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    Red Nemesis Dog: Pulsar Autech

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    GRP Wings

    I had to modify the mount on the inside, near the side repeater. Took 20 seconds with a pair of pliers.
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    Chunkys Pulsar GTi

    Really? It's what I've always done. The tow hook is supposed to be able to be used to drag the whole car after all.
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    The SEX... lol

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    Almera GTi modded with 4WD and Turbo Engine?

    I remember some guy in a petrol station pointing to my micra and claiming he put a pulsar engine into one. Did. Not. Believe.
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    Pimp Member

    That engine crane looks just like mine.
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    complete noob

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    complete noob

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    First person to say 'welcome to the mad house' is getting a slap.
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    IIRC for the NATS to work you'll need the ECU and the matching chip from inside the key. The signal is picked up by the transponder ring around the ignition barrel
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    For anyone wanting an outer cv joint for an almera gti...

    We should do an AOC group buy on GTi driveshafts that use GA CVs
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    For anyone wanting an outer cv joint for an almera gti...

    Just be wary - Scott bought some 'GTi' ones, got them fitted to the driveshafts, drove down the road and the splines stripped and wrecked the CVs and shafts.
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