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    Almeragt´s SR20VE Almera

    This N15 must be the most expensive and over the top project on this club's site tbh, it's awesome still though. Wish i could afford even half of this because prices here compared there is like 5 times higher because nobody does anything cheap around here, you could almost buy like a brand new...
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    Almeragt´s SR20VE Almera

    Oh good point Liam, i forgot about the Autech(?), my bad there. Though, that N15 AWD wasn't ATTESA if i'm not wrong? I'm not exactly most knowledgeable about N15 other than the widely known basics, N16 'yo.
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    Almeragt´s SR20VE Almera

    Jesus the effing christ's sake, i thought my N16 building was over the top but you've taken the like, top of the line tuning for most of any cars ever known to man and wiped the floor with that and raised the bar. This stuff is just, it's not great, that's too weak word, it's far beyond amazing...
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    AOC Membership

    It'd be interesting to get a possibility of buying one of the stickers though, not really caring if it was "overpriced" for a sticker but that could be useful way of making the donations give something to the person who donated too, for example i'd be willing to pay for the sticker. Then again...
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    New Almera owner

    How's that Almera been feeling after year and a half?
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    Heated side/door mirrors

    Northern European models might not have it either, i haven't at least heard of a N15 or N16 with them and our winter isn't really requiring them, old thread i know.
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    Hi, urgent advice needed!

    First you need to either find a GTi N15 and a "normal" N15 or find a N15 and then the engine, transmission and wiring harness, costs are anywhere from £300 to £2000, mostly depending on how you buy them and what condition are they. As far as i know, N15s and N16s cost almost nothing in Britain...
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    Hi, urgent advice needed!

    Not exactly worth a lot, not in Britain at least, it just costs time and materials to fix it.
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    New Almera owner

    Usually the timing chains don't die before the engine does, If i remember right, the Nissan's recommendation is around 160/180 000 kilometers, which is around 135/150k miles, the chain can take longer time before needing to change though, I've heard of a Micra K11 that has ran 260 000km with...
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    My 2.2 Di N16 2001

    I like how a Finn has been teaching Ed, though that was 7 years ago, as far as i know that silver Almera has changed it's owner once or twice after faior sold it, the double spoiler on the tailgate is what catched my attention originally, rather weird to see Ed praising someone's car out of the...
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    N15 Track Car

    I wonder do you actually lose any weight after fixing all of the rust spots, that green one could've also been better in the end if the "leftover" rust was all that you photo'd here, would've been less work left there, my guess is you decided it's unrepairable which sounds legit. Though for a...
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    OBD Codes

    Problem found : RIP 300€ Battery. If you find these codes together, try changing your battery if it's old, or try an battery from another car to make sure it is the battery.
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    OBD Codes

    Has anyone else met the code P1065 & P1614 together? P1065 is code for ECM Power Supply Circuit P1614 is code for Chani of IMMU-KEY Anyone have met these codes / fixed them? what was the issue? In my...
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    B15 Sentra SE (US)

    Yeah, it would require quite a lot of work hours and money, configuring the location of the rear axle and drive trains. The engine should be good, the SR20VET in the X-Trails has been making quite good mileages before starting to die, and even then you can just overhaul it, the engine should be...
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    Sweet N16: QG18DE --> SR20DET --> SR20VET

    That's quite what i think also, it's also the reason why i cannot really choose between the two, the leather would make it more luxury (not the equipment level) while sport seats would actually be practical, don't know yet what way i shall take my N16 to, first things first as they say.
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