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    Tailgate glass spontanious shattering

    Maybe the neighbour?!
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    What you guys think ?

    Where did you bring them to?
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    Insurance hike

    Insurance is a total scam, always was, always will be. Brokers are bad news, they'll blag you to fuck.
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    More power to my n16

    Once upon a time there was a supercharger kit for sale on here.
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    Vibration at 3300 - 3400 rpm in every gear

    Tighten the wheel nuts.
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    Anyone selling front passenger wing for N15

    Shaggy might be able to help you.
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    Henry the toledo

    What you thinking, chain stretch? If it was it'd be throwing up crank and cam sensor codes immediately. Have you had the plugs out Pel? Condensation can rust out the connecting ends of the coilpacks like.
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    Henry the toledo

    Coilpack gone down? Lambdas haven't lasted long, they were Bosch too.
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    N14 SR20 Hillclimb car

    Couple of weeks, fuck seasons!
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    N14 SR20 Hillclimb car

    Car looks savage. Well played getting on the podium.
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    Stani's SR20 Micra Build

    Side exit ;)
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    Spooks 5 window Ford project.

    Was hoping for a vid of you driving it around the yard! Lovely work Spook all the same, love how low those rails are, thing will look savage.
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    Spooks 5 window Ford project.

    Yeah saw that pickup, it'll make decent money I reckon. The money isn't the problem, its getting some that is!
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    Spooks 5 window Ford project.

    Been lusting after this for a few days, so so tempted but there is no way I'd get away with it...
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