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    Fitting a turbo

    Thanks for the advice. I am not keen on going down the swap engine route. Insurers will walk away with my head and bank account. Does anyone know a company within the UK I can get in touch with about making the parts and getting a quote for the whole lot? Not looking to go overboard on whole...
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    Fitting a turbo

    Hello guys, I have a Nissan Almera N16 1.5 SE petrol (facelift) and I would like to ask if anyone knows of a website or a place I can call about fitting a turbocharger on the car. I like the car but it just needs that extra push for me personally. Thanks.
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    Aftermarket stereo/audio options for N16 Almera with facelift

    Hello everyone. I recently bought a Nissan Almera and I am looking to install the aftermarket stereo that I had in my VW. There is an issue as far as I can see. The standard unit combines the radio and climate control like so...
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