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    Advice please

    Yes chains are terrible. Front lower radiator supports are the worse area's on them to rust. Expect mid 30's when running well which wont be for long.
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    Heellou, I´m new + n16

    1.5l gearboxes are very weak so it's probably that assuming the engine mounts and gearbox linkages are ok.Starts to get hard changing gears then either the gears cant be selected or/and the gearbox starts to get very noisy before exploding to bits.
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    New Car

    Welcome along fella.
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    N16 Almera Cluster Lights Issue

    The only time the handbrake light comes on is when the handbrake is lifted up and applied or when the brake fluid is low.It does NOT come on with the ignition turned to live etc .
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    Stiff boot/trunk handle in Nissan Almera MK2 2005

    Replace it.I've had the same issue with one of mine.
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    Almeragt´s SR20VE Almera

    Incredible stuff :cool::cool:
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    gear lever spring

    Nissan for around a tenner.Or use one similar from a hardware place.
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    Door open light

    Pull back the rubber on the sensor and lube it up, then work it a few times and reinstall it.
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    Witherkay's '05 2.2dci 136 N16

    Looking good!
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    Possibly get an N16 as a 1st car, thoughts?

    A 1.5 almera would be a ideal first car.As mentioned chains do go and cause misfiring and the gearboxes just as bad on the 1.5's so would be wise to go for a test drive when you ready listening for any unwanted noises and hard to select gears. Giving it a full service would be the best way to...
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    New Almera owner

    You can clearly see the wear marks from the chain slack on the gear teeth.
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    New Almera owner

    My mistake.qg15's 2002 onwards got VVT.I take it where the extra 10bhp comes from then.
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    nissan almera tino 2.2 DI 2002 slow

    I've got a well modded p11 gt and it's quick (170bhp dyno ) and the qg18 is still quicker to 4k in any gear at any time.After 4k however the sr is a animal and totally kills the qg18. Qg engine better for daily.Sr the better engine in terms of strength and durability and more suited for the...
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    nissan almera tino 2.2 DI 2002 slow

    Expensive to run...Compared to what? I don't think it is given engine size or I would not be running one. As I've already said it's not underpowered either.More than enough for a daily. Can easily sit at 100MPH no probs and still pulls hard. It's Reliable as most once the cam chain is done and...
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