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    Oil Filter removal

    Im sure ptfe degrades rapidly when in contact with oil so while it will work for a few months it will probly leak eventually. Dowty washer as said above is what ive used on these taps both times i done it and never had a leak. Rtv will be more than enough to seal that thread though...
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    Rick's New Motor

    He has a 1.0l yaris and a gti turbo half stripped for scrap
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    Behold... the Starlet

    Looks like my first car... Only it aint pink. Good cars them toyota's ;)
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    Brake hose - pipe question

    If you have rear drum brakes it will just be a short run of hard pipe that needs replaced between the flexi and the wheel cylinder for the brakes. Not a part you can buy off the shelf really cause most mechanics would just make one for pipe and fittings
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    N15 1.4 Manual Transmission Oil?

    Because recession
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    What cam shafts ECU for an n15 GTI

    Just DO NOT use fc tuning for nistune or any other kind of mapping
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    My New Car...

    New exhaust was built yesterday: chopped the stock mid section just behind the cat and welded on a flange there, 2.5" pipe from the catback with mandrel bends. welding up the completed mid section fabricated the merge for the two backboxes pipe between the two boxes from...
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    Fitting a turbo

    Professionally... Budget 5 grand to turbo an almera. Diy - £1000 at least
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    N16 R34 Bumper Mod

    Since you have chosen to challenge my advice with a smart arse reply like that I guess you aren't going to listen. good luck i guess...
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    N16 R34 Bumper Mod

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    My New Car...

    Nah, JAE is the only trip i'll be doing this year except for this weekend to phil's / cov's Was his not just a regular T-sport?
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    N16 R34 Bumper Mod

    there is a degree of irony in who you just said that to...
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    My New Car...

    Nah just fabric seats
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    N16 R34 Bumper Mod

    Tell me about it... Taken me 3 months ti save up for an exhaust
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    Ebay wheel spacers?

    blame my employer for drilling it into me.
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