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  1. SuperDan

    Superdans Silver VVL GTi

    :VVL: Bits removed from behind my dash Cheers Daniel
  2. SuperDan

    SuperDan's New N15 GTI

    Well as you all may know i bourght Wezz's Almera off him on tuesday :D I have to say its awesome, top marks to him, this car handles like a go-kart and pulls like a train! Its been a busy afternoon, me and wezz popped over to darlo to get the 5zigen fitted and they did a top job :) We got...
  3. SuperDan

    My New Ride :D

    Here is my new ride lads :D Now that is JDM TYTE!!!! With a capital "T" This ones for you Joe ;) Daniel :lol:
  4. SuperDan

    black ph1 gti in westlands avenue, norton.

    was droppin of my girlfriend when i sore a black ph1 gti parked up, seemed all standard part from the exhaust.. is the owner on here?
  5. SuperDan

    2.0lt GTI' vs Quickdraw VOTE!!

    Right wayne beleaves that his GTI is 2nd best in teesside (1st is Wezz lol), and ofcourse im saying it isnt and mine is (boys and there toys lol). So we thought that the only way we will find out who the true 2nd place goes to will be to have all you lads deside by voting! I have inserted...
  6. SuperDan

    Blue ph2 GTI smashed by 2.0lt GTI in teesside!

    10mins again driving over the A66 from halfords to ingalby (the new road) i noticed a blue ph2 GTI in front of me. So i thought i drove up to it and noticed two lads sat in it, when all of a sudden the driver went to drop a a thought umm good time to test the new engine...
  7. SuperDan

    Revs all over the place!! idles at 2.5k

    Iv just de cated my gti, and ever since then my cars been idling at 1500 - 2500k. I understand the idle control valves can carbon up, so will probs take it of an give it a clean! Am just woundering if anyone else has had this issue and what they have done to rectifie it! Thanks Daniel
  8. SuperDan

    Noisey engine?????

    My mera has 110k on the clocks! When i rev the engine around the 3000 mark, there is a nocking type noise coming from the engine. I removed the rocker cover and inspected the cams and lifters all seems fine tho! Iv recently serviced it to so the engine oil is perfect! Has anyone else...
  9. SuperDan

    intet air temperature sensor..location??

    Hi does anyone know where the intet air temperature sensor is, is this also known as the air flow meter? Thanks
  10. SuperDan

    removel of leather gear knob??????

    Dose anyone know how to remove the leather gear knob on my gti, av tried tristing it an pullin it, just dont want to come off,lol. is there a clip holding it in???
  11. SuperDan

    O_dog----contact, need a splitter

    Hiya does anyone know how i can contact O_dog, i need a price on a front splitter for my gti! Has anyone on here had a splitter from him, what they like? Thanks!!
  12. SuperDan

    SuperDan's GTI

    [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  13. SuperDan

    De cat!

    I av a full scorpion cat bak exhuast on my gti and im about 2 fit a de cat 2 it, does any1 knw if once iv fitted the de cat if it will start poppin, due 2 the unburnt fuel? thx
  14. SuperDan

    Front Splitter / Phase 2 rear lights?

    Can any1 tell me where wud b best place 2 find a front splitter 4 my gti an the face lift rear lights, looked everywhere but avin no luck! thx
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