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    N16 rear brake line replacement

    Have sprung a leak in the left rear brake line very close to the union with the flexible hose,so looking for replacement? Plenty of flexible hoses available, but no front to back pipes that I can see. Is the answer to have a custom made steel/copper pipe made up, ?
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    Uprated rear springs?

    Been doing a lot of towing lately with car trailer, and noted that the rear looks a little sagged. Are there any uprated springs/dampers available or recommended please? Also, am I likely to harm the auto box when towing? Its an Ni6 1.8 from '04.
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    Rear wiper ARM removal.

    Has anyone had the need to remove the rear screen wiper ARM from the drive spindle please. I am changing my damaged tailgate complete but am at a loss on how to get the arm complete, off the spindle. I have soaked it in plus gas and tried tapping,levering etc. I do have a 3 legged puller but...
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    N16 Cockpit fuse box location?

    Hi First post from me which is a bit basic and a little embarrassed to ask----but manual states that the above fuse box is under steering wheel which is pretty normal. But I can't for the life of me find it there. There is a small drop down compartment to the right of the column which is...
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