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  1. RAJackson

    My New Car...

    So I have been away from N15 ownership for the last 6 months now. rolling around in a 1.3 Micra that paid for itself in parts it had stuck to it. The intention was to drive the Micra until i was debt free, expecting this to take AGES. however thanks to a big kick of overtime and a few good...
  2. RAJackson

    The Turtle

    So we bought this little baby on monday night off Allan on MSC. my brother set up the deal (RRdev apprentice / Batfish on here...) and we paid £175 for it. plan was to strip it down and make our money back but we all agreed the bodywork bar the rust was too good to crush, but not worth fixing to...
  3. RAJackson

    Ross Autech

    Been a long day but I've now got my new car on the driveway. I'd thought about a civic, a diesel, a starlet before settling on anothe N15. import JDM tyte this time. enough shit. here car : Nissan Pulsar Autech GTi 170bhp factory power Factory uprated cams 11.5:1...
  4. RAJackson

    Spotted: Muir26 out for a ride in the woods?

    spotted by my brother (budding nissan nut) at Glentress trails yesterday.
  5. RAJackson

    My GA18DE+T

    so as those of you who were at nunny know (we will call you the real AOC members) i picked up Rob's (fossilfuels) engine to be converted to a tubby engine. My plans are to strip the block down to its elements and rebuild it as a GA18DE using the stock crank and rods and QG18 80mm pistons. then...
  6. RAJackson

    Reactive Paint

    Ok so i have tried to paint my splitter and found that the BS7 Paint is reacting with something. my dad mentioned i need some sort of sealer, can anyone point me in the right direction of what i need? Thanks
  7. RAJackson

    spotted: short camp mr muscle with a gay twinge

    spotted craig in the sun
  8. RAJackson

    Spotted : BS7 P2 in Banzai

    Page 58 of the new banzai. irish meet. anyone? sarah's vz-r maybe?
  9. RAJackson

    'mera in the sun story is a joke but noticed there was an almera in the pic :D lol yes. im bored. very bored
  10. RAJackson


    So im considering buying a set of alloys and tyres, the tyres on them are 60 profile and the almera is 65, is this a massive problem? ie new tyres or would they be fine?
  11. RAJackson


    Anyone ever taken standard seats apart? I tried to get the cover of the back piece at the weekend but there is some sort of clip that i couldn't get apart. anyone any suggestions? what i am aiming to do is get the fabric off the rails, but cant get to the bolts in the bolsters
  12. RAJackson

    GTi Rear strut brace on a 5 door

    So when i seen rick today he made me an offer on the strut brace i couldn't turn down. has anyone fitted one to a 5 door? as far as i am aware the 3 doors have the threaded holes, whereas the 5 door doesn't anybody fitted one here?
  13. RAJackson

    Would these fit N15? fast response would be appreciated as i wanna get them ordered at lunchtime if i can
  14. RAJackson


    well it was a scorcher of a day yesterday so i thought i'd treat the rust on my cills. got the paint off and it was the worst thing i have ever seen. on the surface it was just bubbled a bit so i thought it would be an easy job. turns out there is a scale model of the grand canyon...
  15. RAJackson

    Black GTi in dunfermline

    Seen a black GTi parked in the small asda car park in dunfermline. anybody on here?
  16. RAJackson

    My 'mera GX 1.6

    Been a member on here for bout a month now but don't have a thread in this section so here's my story My first car was a 97 toyota starlet 1.3. it was a great car and really quick. but unfortunately somebody crashed into me and done £2000 worth of damage. This is it. after the crash and it...
  17. RAJackson

    Bonnet Insulation

    Right. on the almera there is a black fabric insulation fixed to the underside of the bonnet. what i wanna know is if its safe to remove this. ie will taking it off cook the paint of is it fine to run. i hate the look of it and some numpty has tried to clean it with a pressure washer and...
  18. RAJackson

    Rear Light Question

    Just a question out of curiosity really. Are Gti real lights different to non Gti almera's? Just looking at a few photo's of peoples cars there lights are totally different to mine. My ones have like two like bulges where the bulbs are... Any info would be nice
  19. RAJackson

    My Custom Grill Project

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. So i seen an almera a few weeks ago with the grill between the headlights meshed up, instead of the black diamond shape plastic and thought. "hmm that looks ube cool" So goes to the scrapper's yesterday and picks up a grill really cheap and decided id...
  20. RAJackson

    Gear Shifter

    Just a quick question. When i have my hand on the gearstick when driving and i ease off or accelerate the shifter rocks back and forward. not by much but its really irritating, anyone else had this or anyone know how to stop it?
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