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  1. tommo

    JDM Tyte Pulsar y0

    Sorry Edk, i lied!! 96 E-HN15 Pulsar Serie GTi. Big Revvin' SR18DE + Limtied Slip Diff = Spooge. Everywhere. Have some mobile pics until its had a bit of love from TeamGarageThrustRacing. I'm back mert :oops:
  2. tommo

    Spandau Ballet - 91 K10 March SuperTurbo

    ok so maybe superturbo was a bit enthusiastic. however seeing as texas pete is officially brown breaded since a certain person had the audacity to steal my main fuse im doing a members rides thread for my gap motor. its a GOLD 1991 Nissan micra 1.0 GS. yeah baybeeeeey and then...
  3. tommo

    Green GTi on PH

    piston heads
  4. tommo

    Garret GTX-R turbochargers

    May interest the turbo lads.... New Garrett GTX-R Turbochargers The next step in the evolution of the turbocharger is here! Garrett® GTX-R Turbos feature all new compressor wheels with next generation aerodynamics and improved efficiency to deliver wicked performance! Garrett® GTX-R...
  5. tommo

    I am coming out of the closet To find myself a unicorn

    dan (2.0 GTi) has a problem, besides a small manhood. just chattin with him now on facetubez. he cant post on the forums, when he types a message and presses the button to post it, it says... "the message you have entered is too short, please lengthen your message to at least 1 character"...
  6. tommo

    2xN16's, stone (staffs) and blockbuster J10 (west mids)

    techno grey 3 door P2 N16 with backbox and loud music, wayfairer in stone, thursday night black 3 door P2 N16 with big wheels, tints and tinted rear lights outside blockbuster on keyway retail park, blackcountry route, J10 M6, tonight
  7. tommo

    dmsteve and knightrider @ rising sun

    drove into rising sun behind steve (flashed lights and beeped) and saw knightrider parked next to steve on the jne stand. possibly kia-tat as well? reg. plate KFC?
  8. tommo

    Blue P2 gti, A5 northwales.

    yesterday, about midday, blue P2 gti, tints, lowered exhaust, i was parked on the country cooks cafe, A5, near pentroefelas (spelt better than that) for the record mine is a red P2 gti, lowered, tints
  9. tommo

    Rad caps. help please.

    are GA rad caps identical to SR rad caps? answers in a text if you have my number, if not tell someone who has, i dont fancy using bucketloads of water in the middle of wales..... cheers in advance tom x
  10. tommo

    black gti in stone (S-O-T)

    P2, quick! 99.9% certain he's on here!
  11. tommo

    Texas Pete ('99 GTi)

    Some may know, others may not care, either way, meh. last night i picked up jedi's gti, it was too much of a bargain to miss. Si is being stripped (seperate thread when im ready so dont spam here thankyouplease :D) so its time to get some drive time in! for those that dont know ill put up a...
  12. tommo

    west mids meet pics 23/8/08

    just a few i took, bang em in here if you got some :) just slip these in, polished friday night ;) star city tom
  13. tommo


    had a phonecall off me mate thursday morning (i think, might have been wednesday :s ) while i was at work.... 'where are you?' work, mate. 'where you off to?' no where, im in the shop. 'just seen you in handsacre mate!' no you didnt... 'saw a red almera, black wheels, no interior!'...
  14. tommo

    rotorstock, santa pod, aug 10th.

    dark green P1 gti, skirts, rear splitter, laguna front splitter, stripped out and saw it run 16.4. also red P2 N16 in wellingborough leavin pod today, parked on the path. somewhere. 17s tints and a backbox.
  15. tommo

    spotted at japshow 08

    -2 black P2 gti's (i think, one with white gti alloys) in public camping -red P2 gti in public parking on my way out this afternoon -red P1 (dunno what spec, i was a fair distance away, had a spoiler) parked opposite the drift arena next to the track -trop green P2 gti, 17's, lowered and...
  16. tommo

    Rising Sun Car Show + in wakefield...

    saw a black N15 at rising sun car show in wakefield yesterday (saturday) black with dented PS door and SRi rims... also a red 5 door with meshed front end leaving wakefield this afternoon about 2.10pm.....
  17. tommo

    Shakespeare County Raceway meet pics 6/4/08

    couple taken by hadyn off of octaneboost a video by me taken on my phone so the quality is gash :D good day had by all i reckon :)
  18. tommo

    Red P2 GTI

    today, 22nd jan, A513 stafford to rugeley, looked lowered.... any takers?
  19. tommo

    suspension - Si to GTi

    right. close to sacking off the si at the minute, been offered a nice P1 gti at a good price, all insurance permitting, and wondered what, if any differences there are between gti/non gti set ups.... there was a lot of confusion to me last time it got mentioned... so to fit my shocks/springs off...
  20. tommo


    Rusty-mera just like the devil z in wangan midnight, the almera just wants to betray me and kill me! not only did my mate frank unfortunately fudge the thread on one of the KYB's, ive found out that GTi skirts collect water so ive probably got rotten sills, but tonight we found the dreaded 'R'...
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