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    Consult information

    This is all about consult for Nissans with an emphasis on consult for the Almera N16 but will still be very useful for other models. This is also part of a series of threads I've made about the SAT NAV setup in the Almera and it's links to the immobilizer (NATS). All of this information is...
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    Non sat-nav to sat-nav model, programming?

    If I managed to source all the bits needed to upgrade to the built in sat nav unit (LCD screen, controls, DVD unit, CD unit, GPS antenna and the dash wiring loom) will I need to program the sat nav to my ECU? I know I will need a code to enter into the sat nav it's self when it first turns on...
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    New here

    Hi all i'm ste from wexford in ireland:D i've got a N15 gx;) i'll put pics up soon :P
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