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  1. Prim gt

    Red Almera N15 GTI Darlington area

    Yeah just seen a very clean and shiny red N15 GTI in Darlington,it had a aftermarket exhaust and alloys,was totally debadged.Anybody on here? Maybe it's not a GTI but have a gti bodykit fitted.I only saw the back of it.Looked good.
  2. Prim gt

    N16 sport N16 DCI

    Has anybody had the pleasure of driving both the 1.8 sport and the DCI,the 136bhp 6 speed version,how do they compare in terms of handling/mpg/comfort/spec/power etc to each other???
  3. Prim gt

    Spotted Silver N15 GTi (Redcar/saltburn way)

    Yeah silver GTi passed me on the A19 then we were side by side again stopped at the roundabout,then at the next roundabout you doubled back to the direction you first came from... Had window deflectors,aftermarket grill,alloy's and a s/s exhaust...Sounded nice.Anybody on here?
  4. Prim gt

    Dastek fitting and compatibility with sr20de question's

    Ok so i have been looking at people thread's on here from time to time,and notice that a few people have had a Dastek unichip fitted and the dyno result's prove they alright too.Plus that they seem mega cheap... My question's are the following, Would such as this work with the sr20de ? If not...
  5. Prim gt

    Would this brake pipe kit be ok ?

    Yeah thinking of doing the rear pipes soon on the p11,just thought i would ask about this kit,has anybody used it or got anything to say about it weather it would be any good etc,i know it's not going to excellent as it's cheap,however i will only be using it once ...
  6. Prim gt

    Painting a stainless header ?

    Yep as per title thinking of painting my fuji header,i do seem to remember somebody on here doing the same with a ASP header. ? What paint is the best for price and durability etc. ? Plus any tips with the sanding/rubbing down side of things,how about a wire wheel on a drill ? Does anybody...
  7. Prim gt

    Sr20de gearbox filler plug size in mm ??

    As per title can anybody please tell me so i can go and get a plug socket the correct size from halfords. Thanks.
  8. Prim gt

    High level rear brake light,only getting 11.5 volts and not working at all.

    As per title,i have checked power getting to the light,which it is,but only 11.5 volts,anybody know what's up ? The light is good as been tested with direct 12 volts,had a quick look tonight but got dark. Also i have done what a few people do and wired into the side brake lights,and it works...
  9. Prim gt

    Who's had fifth gear pop out before ? (sr20de)

    How long did it do it before not going into gear at all etc or always popping out,what did you do,replace the gearbox or just the gear ? What's the chances of another gearbox doing the same lol ?
  10. Prim gt

    Sr20de fuel pressure reading ?

    I have just fitted my gauge today ready for when i get a AFPR,my reading at tickover is 2.5 bar,when i rev the engine it goes to 3 bar,is that how it should be ?? Thanks.
  11. Prim gt

    Fuel filter pipe size ???

    As per title anybody know what it is in mm please ? For almera or primera,i am guessing they would be both the same,i am asking as i am going to buy a inline gauge,but need to know what size pipe fittings i need with it,either 6,8,10mm Thanks.
  12. Prim gt

    Drop link noise but appears to be in good condition also.

    Yeah so when i reconnected the drop link on my p11,after it had been off a bit due to something else, i am getting a constant rumble/knocking sound from the drop link,balljoint is perfect,top nut for bushes is tight,why the noise ?? Other side drop link is the same,makes noise even though its...
  13. Prim gt

    Mega coolant leak from right under oil filter area (SR20DE)

    Yeah seen some steam today,pulled over pulled bonnet,turned engine off,then water starts rushing out from the the oil filter area,temp stuck half way all the time. It must be the coolant pipes right ?? Anybody know the part number for the pipes and prices ? Thanks.
  14. Prim gt

    MY P11 PROJECTO !!!

    Here are the mods as follows. Performance Cai set up with apexi filter into wing. Fuji manifold/downpipe. 2.5 mandle bent catback. S3r cams Grooved and drilled brake disks all round. S/s braided brake hoses. Uprated rad cap. Lighten flywheel XTD 12lbs. Manacore ht leads (Red). Sard afpr...
  15. Prim gt

    Should i drop oil sump to clean the oil pick up strainer ??

    Yeah just been thinking about dropping it to clean up,i have just seen a pic of a sr20de strainer and had loads of crap. My engine (sr20de) has 144,000 miles on the clock,i know its never been done before,does anybody thinks its worthwhile to do it ect,what you think lads ?? Any benefits at...
  16. Prim gt

    Sr20de cam install tips/help

    Yeah as some may or may not know i am getting some s3 cams for a p11 newx week,anybody like to say how there have installed them before ect,any tips or any info ?? Just thought i would ask AOC also. Thanks.
  17. Prim gt

    Sr20de best next mod ???

    Hi guys,i have a primera gt with the sr20de highport engine with the following mods,full cai with apexi filter,2.5 inch catback,fuji manifold,what would be the best next mod for added power ?? I have a XTD flywheel sitting at home now,but not to keen to fit it just yet. Any advice would be...
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