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    Liam in Banzai

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    VE Pin Outs

    Assume the 20VE is the same. I will add the wire colours for the N1 once I've gone through my loom. SR16VE SR16VE N1 Il add them as pdf's when I get home.
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    Blue P2 GTi Turbo - Totness

    Just driven passed us in traffic heading into Totness.... T66 **W
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    Once upon a time I picked this up for a ridiculous price, many of you wont believe how much. I bought it with a suspected head gasket failure, turned out to simply be missing a belt. Ended up breaking this after I found some fairly substantial damage and a bodge repair... and this...
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    Sams VZ-R N1

    *Update* Current Spec VZR N1 Engine JWT 9lb Flywheel GSpec Stage 3 Clutch New OEM Thermostat New OEM Rotor Arm/Distributor Cap OEM N1 Chain Tensioner 2 Piece Engine Mounted Drive Shaft Custom 4-1 Manifold Custom Solid Fabrications 2.5" Catback Aluminium 3" Core Radiator Catch Can Breather...
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