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  1. edk

    N16 DCi-R

    Still exists, but needs some TLC. Not moved in 3 years, except pushed around the driveway a bit. Money has gone into the Evo more recently, but had plans to sort the N16 out in 2020, until a fucking pandemic hit and I lost 75% of my work and income.
  2. edk

    It's pretty quiet here, isn't it?

    Yeah most people post on Facebook now. Shame because I still think forums are better to use for sharing info. As said though, lots of good info still here to be found.
  3. edk

    New here

    Welcome. Any pictures?
  4. edk

    05 Almera n16

    Welcome. The system is pretty locked down so I'm afraid it would be quite difficult to do. You could play with the wiring and see if you can find any RGB input and then create a switcher. It's not obvious so a good go over of the FSM would be where to start.
  5. edk

    2JR short shifter kit works with N16 DCi?

    I think they are the same. It's very likely. I know the flywheel is at least.
  6. edk

    2JR short shifter kit works with N16 DCi?

    @Mad Maru would know as he installed a shift kit on his. I never got round to fitting mine to try it.
  7. edk

    N16 Forum Resource Links

    Updated 24/05/2020
  8. edk

    1st post... Introduction

    Welcome to the club. Very sorry for you recent loss, I hope you enjoy the car. We're more UK based so don't have many people with anything other than an N15 or N16 (last manufacture date 2006) on here, but hopefully someone might be along to help with your 2013 model. Got any pics of it?
  9. edk

    My Mera

    Shame you had to get rid, but the new motor is cool mate. Yeah forums don't get nearly enough use though. Were so good ten years ago, and I can't believe how much time has gone by so fast.
  10. edk

    N16 DCi-R

    As I said, the FCD2 does the job well enough, but it's not perfect. As to the Ibiza MAP sensor, I don't know. That would be something you would need to talk to your mapper about using. I'd recommend Exedy OEM spec clutch. I don't have an experience with the Black Diamond one. But for an uprated...
  11. edk

    N16 DCi-R

    No sorry. I didn't understand all of that translation, but no you will only need to change it if your current clutch is worn. Stock one holds up quite well. I've got it to set to hold boost up to 1.6bar at the moment. I will use it to go to 2bar in the future. It's not the best, but it does...
  12. edk

    N16 DCi-R

    Nothing to report. It's still not moved since July 2017. Still intent to keep it and run it eventually though. It's not dead, but on hold.
  13. edk

    Anything to look for?

    Worth a look - (useful forum links) Thing to Look For thread
  14. edk

    Almeragt´s SR20VE Almera

    Looks amazing!
  15. edk

    N16 climate control cd player wiring

    You'll find the wiring diagram in the FSM which can be downloaded on the forums :)
  16. edk

    Nissan Almera SE 2.2 dci

    Welcome to the club :) I think it would be worth finding out what the issue is first, but having said that if you're able to get that that Pulse that seems a good price to get hold of the mechanical parts from it. Engine and gearbox alone can be more than £695. Then you can always sell on the...
  17. edk

    Hello from Turkey

  18. edk

    Cam sensor fault code, please help

    Could need a new cam sensor? I would try that first. If the fault remains then it might be a sretched timing chain. It's not as common as on the petrol engines, but it has been known to happen on Diesels too.
  19. edk

    N16 DCi-R

    Nothing new I'm afraid. Been off the road since July 2017. So some sort of plans to put it back on the road and sort the issues out (if youve been keeping track), but unsure long term. I do miss it though.
  20. edk

    Excess Moisture

    Yes the rear light sealant can be checked. You need to unscrew the lights from inside behind the carpet, then pull the light out. It needs some force. A little heat can help; hot air gun or hair dryer. Use sikaflex to replace or add more sealant. Worth checking the wheel well too, to see if any...
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