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  1. Dan_GTi

    Boge or Bilstien

    Hi guys I have a 99 Almera GTi and I'm going to change my shocks. Has anyone had any experience with bilstien or the boge to see if they are any good? Thanks Dan
  2. Dan_GTi

    GTi parts

    Hi guys I'm going to be changing my wishbones, droplinks, trackrod ends. At the moment money is tight so I can't afford genuine Nissan parts. What's the next best thing to get make wise? Eurocarparts eBay Micks Garage Also has anybody used these in the link below...
  3. Dan_GTi

    18 inch alloys

    Hi guys just a question I'm thinking of getting some 18 inch alloys for my 1999 almera gti. Has anyone ever put 18 inch alloys on a almera before and had any issues? Many thanks Dan
  4. Dan_GTi

    Black Almera GTi breaking at motorhog

    saw this if anybody is interested in GTi parts
  5. Dan_GTi

    GTi parts

    Hi guys I'm needing some help I'm going to get my wishbones, drop links and track rod ends changed on my 99 almera gti. Just wanting to know where is the best place to get them from other than the main dealer. Also is it best to use polyurethane where I can Thanks Dan
  6. Dan_GTi


    Hi guys I have a 99 almera gti currently on bc coilovers. Is there any suspension that is more comfortable on the market at the moment Many thanks Dan
  7. Dan_GTi

    help needed

    I'm wanting to use my old user name but I can't remember my password and the email address the reminder gets sent to no longer exists Is there a way I can get it sent to my new one? Many thanks Dan
  8. Dan_GTi

    Green Almera GTi I saw this on the Internet I'm sure im sure it's been on here before?
  9. Dan_GTi

    55k Almera GTi For Sale

    saw this if anybody is on the lookout for a low mileage one
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