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  1. Liam

    N15 Track Car

    As some of you may know, I bought Green-GTi's track car. Picked it up last night and drove it 300miles home without fault. Got it up on the ramps this morning and theres a few rust patches that need sorting, but nothing too taxing. Decided to start its diet plan. Firstly getting rid of...
  2. Liam

    Red GTi - BRD & Silver 5dr GTi Gosport

    Spotted both today in gosport. Red GTi, blue front bumper, last 3 letters were BRD in Texaco. Silver 5dr with GTi kit, by The Cocked Hat. Anyone on here?
  3. Liam

    A little something to keep me busy

    I was on ebay searching for cars nearby for any buy to sell bargains and I stumbled across this. So I had a cheeky little bid which I thought would be unlikely to win. I did actually win and am now the proud owner of a little resto project. It was owned by the same bloke since 2000 and...
  4. Liam

    Liam's Derv

    As most of you know I've resigned the Twister Turbo to the heap so thought id share the new project, er I mean daily, with you lot. I was originally after a Bora 1.9TDI 150, but after much searching I couldn't find the right one for the right price. This lead me over the Skoda Octavia, plenty...
  5. Liam

    N16 SR20DE

    Well as some of you know, ive been looking for an N16 for some time and i set out for a white or red sport+. But due to the lack of them around and me getting fed up, i decided to buy Freds Twister. I picked it up last saturday and ive done a couple of things so far, but i do have quite a few...
  6. Liam

    Almera CarBQ

    Well as some of you know, ive had an idea for Grandad and its called Project F.A.O.C, which stands for Feed Almera Owners Club. So if that doesnt give it away, its going to become a Car-B-Q. Im using the back half the shell, including the rear doors which will be a seperate storage area from...
  7. Liam

    Liams Range Rover

    Well here she is, my turbo'd motor :lol: These are the only pics ive got at the moment, will get some more on saturday :)
  8. Liam

    QG powwwaahh......

    Had a dyno run done today, the results are as follows.... Bhp - 103.4 @ the FLY :lol: torque - 99.4 lb ft Did go to the weighbridge aswell but it was closed :( nevermind! Lets just see the dyno when shes SR powered :)
  9. Liam

    Heater Matrix/Blower Motor

    Evening all, Pretty random question really, But im just wondering if i was to remove the heater matrix/blower assembly, do you thnk this...
  10. Liam

    Sealing up the mera

    Afternoon, After ive had my front x-member replaced, im hoping to remove the front and rear bumpers, arch linings ect and underseal the majority of the car. Im just wondering what you guys think is the best way to go about it? Do i just buy a few cans of waxoyl and layer it on? Or shall i...
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