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    Ed rocking a Micra!!!!

    You upgraded or something
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    It's all that Eds fault....

    Have joined the soot blower club. Got this dci SXE last weekend. not a bad mota for the price, looks in decent nick, not running that great though. Although sounds smooth enough, getting low 30s mpg, sluggish starting it a lot of times, and does seem to hunt a bit when on idle..and has airbag...
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    G's Vzr N1

    looks like my original members ride thread for this mota didn't survive the forum restarting this.. not content with sticking a 20VE in the Primera, got myself a VZR last year, and now have just added to the collection, gone and got myself a VZR N1... imported it a month or two ago...
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    can't post or start threads in the tech section?

    hi guys, having problems posting starting any threads in the tech section, as well as viewing anything but the main page, any ideas? sorry if you're doing any regular work preventing this, as I haven't checked around
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    what tyre sizes you 16"ers using?

    wheels I'm looking at have 205/55/16 tyres on there, obviously tooo big... looking at the tyre calcs, seems like 215/45/16 seem to be the closest....thats working on the standards being 195/55/15 would like to know what others are using on 16" rims and what they like...
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    my new mota....

    Having stuck the turbo'd one for sale, and not sure which mota to get next, when I saw Gti-Kurt selling this VZR, was too good a chance to miss out, specially as a daily driver.. so got this from him back in march, and have slowly been tidying things, getting minor things sorted on it...
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    Green GTI A4 Bath Road near Hounslow

    Spotted a nice looking Green GTI, dark green colour, had a nice soundin zorst on it, had a 2 slat front grille... on the A4 Bath Rd heading towards hounslow
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    Dark BLue GTI Aylesbury

    Spotted a Dark blue GTI parked up, with possibly a for sale sign on it, on me way through Aylesbury today...and aftermarket alloys on sure rear windows were tinted...anyone on here...
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    anyone got not fitted Ksports?

    as per the title, anyone got any ksport coilovers for the N15 not fitted yet? if so can ya measure the free length and ID of the front and rear springs... cheers
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    Cool looking N16...56k warning...

    yo folks what ya think of this the pics of one of the guys on me MSN list, will be a fully paid up member soon....anyway check da piccies out :cool: sorry the pics are huge!!!
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