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  1. mera red gti

    Dave Bull

    On 350z forum, not a bad way to spend 9k
  2. mera red gti

    Red N15 GTi

    From the midlands who's this?
  3. mera red gti

    R263 DCV Almera GTi - Board Street

    saw this last night in the Jurys Inn Birmingham multi-storey - dark tints, black multi spoke 15's, lower'd
  4. mera red gti

    My new Nissan

    Becky's Peugeot 206 is being picked up on Wednesday, so i brought her this motor............... Loyal to the brand david
  5. mera red gti

    Red T plate GTi - Asda Small Heath

    low almera GTi on asda small heath round about today @ 5:30 - nice t plate, jap can, on standard GTi wheels in bronze i think
  6. mera red gti

    my car on the inter-web

    Ive heard of this kinda thing before but damn. I guess there’s nothing I can do right? Not to bothered but meh - cheeky fcukers clicky david
  7. mera red gti

    Fujitsubo DE/VE header

    heads up gang ;) spotted this lil baby on SR20-forum --------------------- am selling my Fuji from my VE. It was installed on my track car for about 6k miles. The car is being returned to stock, and the VE is sitting on an engine stand (and for sale). The header is difficult to find and very...
  8. mera red gti

    nitrogen filled tyres

    had the tracking carried out at the local kwik fit today and noticed a new offers board. nitrogen filled tyres for 1 pound per tyre, claiming x,y & z. so thought hey why not. later after washing my car me and my lil bro went up in our cars to have this done. jacked up the cars to take the weight...
  9. mera red gti

    FS- Red ph2 GTi 55k

    on auto trader at the sec near northampton wow it looks clean. 3 owners 55k full bodykit looks like my cars twin sister when it was standard. please someone buy this, dont let me buy two tidy red GTi's :lol: £1995 david
  10. mera red gti

    Green ph1 GTi - Brum

    saw a very tidy R reg ph1 GTi today around 8pm @ big johns in brum by the blues ground. spoke to the chap named hussan, very nice fella, chatty and off course loved mine :rolleyes: parked behined it and said to my mate as usman rolled past in his mates honduh, wow that clean for a ph1, i mean...
  11. mera red gti

    Bosch Centre - Denham

    Through work ive just come back from a two day Bosch Common Rail Diagnostic course down in Denham. Meet up with a few good lads n what not. One the first day during lunch i spotted a nice looking ph2 N15 GTi in black in the car park. Turns out it belongs to one of the lads (Scott) who was on...
  12. mera red gti


    saw you again today fella, looking nice and clean as always :cool: good old 'flash salute' 18:30 off ladypool rd iirc back off Mosley dd
  13. mera red gti

    snedsn15gti - pics

    poor lad doesn't come on here much, he had 1lt nova, 306dt, 207 GT-HDi, S14a, glanza and now ph2 GTi and he said its his best car to date - damn right :cool: i hope he don't mind, he's learning to take prop pics now too lol wah laa todays clean, he's...
  14. mera red gti

    99' GTi dyno results

    As some of you know, I had to miss the ‘3rd nunny’ meat as I attended a Rolling Road Session today organised by James on NPOC. I missed out on the last one back in November 08, however ive had more done to the engine since so happy days. Very happy with the figure, I gave the MAF a clean a few...
  15. mera red gti

    Engine Bay Thread

    Was thinking a lot of other forums have one and I couldn’t find one here. It also save time for member trying to scroll though pages & pages to find pics. I wanna see lovely shots of your engine bays. So post up pics of your engine bay as it’s always helpful and inspirational to see others...
  16. mera red gti

    twin 99' ph2 GTi's

    well it weren’t hard to be fair as it was me and mi mate in the works car park haha, on lunch break he snapped a couple. Im car is filthy too, I feel like a celebrity that’s been pap’d without their make-up on lol Proper detail the weekend then me thinks Woot David
  17. mera red gti

    A38 tommo

    90% sure i spotted tommo's red GTi on the A38 Lichfield round about @ 6:40pm today. tell me im not dream haha david
  18. mera red gti

    Red ph2 GTi Sunday

    Red ph2 GTi Sunday, Stratford Road, Spark Hill @ 18:20 heading out of brum. please say ello david
  19. mera red gti

    black N15 GTi

    on my way from work today i saw a black ph2 almera GTi, never seen this one before so thought id have a lil play. spotted today @ 17:20 Small Heath on Coventry Rd in Birmingham reg V57 GTY david
  20. mera red gti

    fs:ph2 GTi in black - funny

    Weren’t sure where to post this, on auto trader there an almera GTi selling for £2150 and the write up is soooo funny. Tones of silly spelling mistakes and incorrect vehicle details given. Have a looky if you’re bored click david
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