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  1. AlmeraGTi

    Checking in..

    it's been so long I thought I'd post in the newbie section! What's happening in the AOC in 2015? Proud to see this place is still thriving! Hope everyone is well and still modding their beauties!
  2. AlmeraGTi

    Black T reg GTi, A2 near gravesend this morning

    Passed a Black Ph2 GTi on the A2 londonbound this morning with aftermarket exhaust and rear tints plus of course the AOC sticker in the window whilst on my way to work in the GTiR Must be someone on here? :cool:
  3. AlmeraGTi

    ProLock Hose Clamps

    Hi Guys, Just thought i'd post this up in here as one of my very interesting findings in my quest for more engine bay accessories... "Prolock hose clamps are machined from high grade aluminium and are designed principally for all turbocharger system pipes...
  4. AlmeraGTi


    Guys, i have quickly set up an AOC group on the well known car site, Dont get me wrong i'm no whizz at creating websites etc but i saw an opportunity to tie in all our fellow almera/pulsar owners around the globe into one image sharing/show off page :cool: I know...
  5. AlmeraGTi

    Black GTi with aftermarket exhaust, Greenhithe Asda's

    Spotted a black Gti, standard looking bar a scorpion exhaust or something similar in Greenhithe Asda's yesterday afternoon. Reg: T878 ***
  6. AlmeraGTi

    well not a newbie post but i'm well behind with whats new here!..

    Hi All, long time no speak! Its been ages since i was last on the forum to chat so thought i'd start a post to see how everyone is? How many old skool guys are still here? Whats new for the Mera's? Whats the hottest mera's on the scene this past few years then? Hope alls well with...
  7. AlmeraGTi

    I made page 3 today....

    ...of the Medway Standard :lol: Showing there really isnt much going on in Medway... Not a bad write up, shame she continually missed the...
  8. AlmeraGTi

    My new baby at its first show- still a work in progress tho

    Nissan Pulsar GTi-R Performance Mods; Hybrid FMIC painted Matt black with custom pipework, Full orange SAMCO hose engine bay kit with custom items. HKS Filter, SSQV & Ltd Edition HKS EVC Black, K&N Induction pipework, Denzo Plugs, JWT 264 Cams, Walbro 225 uprated Fuel Pump, ACT Xtreme...
  9. AlmeraGTi

    White 'N15 STG' SRi

    Spotted in Basildon, Essex Saturday night I'm sure this was Stevie G's old motor?
  10. AlmeraGTi

    blue Gti with carbon bonnet & red GTi with alloys at the Kent Show

    Both spotted at the Modded UK KENT SHOW in the main car park yesterday, saw the blue one pull in as i was getting out of the helicopter with my lil boy Didnt get a great look but the blue one had a carbon bonnet and the red had aftermarket (possibly 17") alloys on Anyone on here?
  11. AlmeraGTi

    FAO: SRi Alan

    Found a pic of your new motor, how it looked a few years back when i first saw it :cool:...
  12. AlmeraGTi

    Flamera Autoglym Shoot Pix

    Hi guys, heres a few pix from the forthcoming AUTOGLYM Ad campaign soon to be shown in most car publications I was fortunate enough to be offered the chance to use the car solely as the new face of Autoglym for 2006, though unfortunately i had to appear with the car so please excuse my ugly...
  13. AlmeraGTi

    Decent pic of me rear....

    In this months FASTCAR mag, front page of the JAE feature flaming whilst on the AOC stand. Plus the engine bay on the following page Not bad pix from what was the best Jap event of 2004
  14. AlmeraGTi

    My Flaming Almera, LMC Feature

    Flamera feature
  15. AlmeraGTi

    advice needed by 8am tomorrow!

    RIght guys went to see the car at teh bodyshop today and its looking phat however i have one dilemma and i thought i'd share it with you all ;) The cars graphics have been stripped down to the door shuts meaning i need them redone beofre fast n furious on saturday however my graffix guy may...
  16. AlmeraGTi

    Matt in Amadeus Carpark, Kent

    Spotted in my slightly drunken state Matts silver SRi in my local haunts carpark with i believe 18s but more importantly AOC stickers in the rear windows proving these stickers really do work! Good to see ya again mate, whereabouts you from?
  17. AlmeraGTi

    Congrats on the new forum guys but...

    ... any chance we can revamp the AOC banner, you know out with the old in with the new! :cool:
  18. AlmeraGTi

    Dark green GTi, modded in West Malling

    Seemed up for a race but turned off before i had the chance to burn it, any takers?
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