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  1. inahole

    Saved from the depths of the dwellers nest.

    Nearly two years ago Dr Sim picked up this little e-GT from a bunch of butchers down Bolton way... ...she stood for a while waiting for her turn to get the treatment and now that day has arrived! Joint project for Sim and I, added bonus is that I get to roll it as my daily! Lots of bodges...
  2. inahole

    New steed.

    The TSport finally found a new home. This is whats replaced it.
  3. inahole

    The Shitter

    As most of you know I have recently bought a certain Red and Black P1 GTi. Heres how she stands... (Thanks again for today Sim, you are a true champion)
  4. inahole

    Remember that GTi? (Red with Black arse end)

    Just seen that GTi with a dodgy paint job (Black arse end) come back up for sale on Pistonheads. I remember reading a bit of a thread on it, the last owner passed away I think (RIP) I've had a search but can't find owt. Can a mod or admin have a dig in the archives for any info on it...
  5. inahole

    Willmenz? And my old Bomber!

    Spotted Willmenz (I think) today at around noon just outside Whitby. Just managed to give a wave! Then on the way out of Whitby spotted my old Bomber! (Sounded so good!)
  6. inahole

    Shall I/Sha'nt I?

    Not really what I am looking for but its a tempter! Thoughts please.
  7. inahole

    Newbie postings

    After the spate of totally random newbie posts can we rig it so they can't post anywhere else but in the newbie section for say 3 or so posts? Just a thought.
  8. inahole

    Whats this splitter?

    Saw this (Lennyde's avatar) and wondered what splitter its wearing, anyone got any ideas?
  9. inahole

    Perfect doner (not kebab)

    Spotted this on the bay. Wearing AOC stickers. Anybody got any info?
  10. inahole

    Headunit removal problem.

    Just robbed a lovely little Sony out of my old maids Golf with the intention of putting it in the GTi. Problem is how the fuck do you get the original out? Firstly there is a metal surround that the unit will in no way fit thru and secondly i can see a bolt coming thru holding the unit in...
  11. inahole

    GTi on AutoTrader.,N-240-4294966711-4294967243/advert.action?R=200852325818579&distance=166&postcode=YO16+4EU&channel=CARS&make=NISSAN&model=ALMERA&min_pr=&max_pr=&max_mileage=&vehicleYearOfManufacture=19...
  12. inahole

    SRi on AutoTrader.

    SRi on AutoTrader and one on Ebay...
  13. inahole

    Spotted some sweet rims? Post here. Perfect Almera fitment.
  14. inahole

    Sleepy Boser.

    Thinking of doing a Sleepy Boser on my GTi, could one of you talented photoshoppers rig me up a front on mock-up? Not too deep, in line with the top bar of the grille (standard) and wrapped round the indicators. Cheers. Comments?
  15. inahole

    Bike carbs.

    Anyone done a bike carb conversion on their Almera?
  16. inahole

    N1 in the land of the rising sun. I can dream.
  17. inahole

    Maximum width?

    I'm after fitting some steel wheels to my GTi. Thought about Laguna wheels but can't find any. What do you (all) think the maximum width tyre i could get on a set of Almera steelies? I'm under the impression that they are 5.5J, correct? So 195? Any help would be great.
  18. inahole

    Looks clean, bust engine?
  19. inahole

    Wheels that will fit the N15 Almera.

    Thought this might be handy. All wheels listed are 4x100 NISSAN ALMERA N15/MICRA/SUNNY Centre bore 59mm Offset 35-42mm Vehicle, Centre Bore, Offset. BMW 2002 57 25-30 BMW 3 series...
  20. inahole

    Might have to raffle!

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