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  1. damienga15de

    N15 Track Car

    Mad what can happen, I must start a thread for the new pulsar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. damienga15de

    N15 Track Car

    Good work what happened with trailer and the yeti ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. damienga15de

    Kitty the Red GTi

    yes yes and more yes
  4. damienga15de

    Almeragt´s SR20VE Almera

    that has to be the best almera ever, everything you have done is amazing
  5. damienga15de

    n15 1.4 1999 abs light on

    There is a airbag reset guide in the technical section, top up your brake fluid the handbrake light comes on sometimes when the level is low.
  6. damienga15de

    Brak light issue...

    No but my 1.5 2005 does some funny stuff with brake lights , sometimes the left brake light wont illuminate unless the lights are on , im putting it down to a bad earth somewhere that i cant be arsed finding. i always have my lights on anyway so it doesnt bother me
  7. damienga15de

    Possibly get an N16 as a 1st car, thoughts?

    Get a Dci , the 1.5 petrol are rubbish no power very uneconomical. in a years driving you will spend the price of a dci in extra petrol over what a diesel would use.
  8. damienga15de

    Idea's to upgrade looks & performance

    Spray the grilles black, remove that sticker from above the exhaust that would be a great start. and is that residue from the old long plate ? clean it up
  9. damienga15de

    Almera GTi

    Very tidy that not a fan of the led lights though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. damienga15de

    Aftermarket stereo/audio options for N16 Almera with facelift

    Strip wires solder iso wires on plug in new radio Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. damienga15de

    srbryan N15 Pulsar VZR DP1

    Is there a gasket at the joint there with the springs
  12. damienga15de


    Where did you bring it?
  13. damienga15de

    The making of a touring car

    Yeah was chatting him earlier,
  14. damienga15de

    The making of a touring car

    For spares, anyone need stuff let me know all proceeds to be pumped back into the white one.
  15. damienga15de

    The making of a touring car

  16. damienga15de

    New account

    I don't have the headlight covers but there gash anyway. Need a bit of work but nothing too major
  17. damienga15de

    New account

    I have a full ms design kit in that colour if you want to make me a offer,
  18. damienga15de

    Aftermarket ECU for VZ-R

    Just get a De ecu and nistune. Or go full standalone
  19. damienga15de

    srbryan N15 Pulsar VZR DP1

    Good coilovers those bit harsh for Irish roads though
  20. damienga15de

    battery relocation n15

    Yeah just clean up the paint off where you bolt it on be fine in the back
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