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  1. Rob-Gti

    Almeragt´s SR20VE Almera

    Incredible amount of work gone into this! What are you planning on using the car for? Hill climbing?
  2. Rob-Gti

    98gti's 97VZR

    Looks great, what are the Wheels? I'm liking the Lucino Grill with the Autech bumper.
  3. Rob-Gti

    Almera N15 ph1 fuel warning light

    It should illuminate when you first start the car.
  4. Rob-Gti

    Can yea tell by the MOO

    Plus the N16 pulls like an asthmatic horse with a limp and that's providing you don't get one with a fucked timing chain. N15 all the way. ;)
  5. Rob-Gti

    My Autech project

    Yes it's supposed to rev to 7.5 Use the Autech ecu it's matched to the engine.
  6. Rob-Gti

    Pulsar VZ-R Cyprus

    Was in Cyprus last week in Aiya Napa, loads of Pulsars about! I kept a look out for Vz-r's but they were all basic spec N15 models. Saw an import garage near the Airport. There were loads of Evo's about!
  7. Rob-Gti

    Rob-Gti's Black Autech Pulsar

    I had a good look at it, it doesn't appear worn, however there isn't much gripping force from the spring clip that holds the rotor arm to the Distributor. I'll try the new Nissan parts when they arrive and if it works loose again I'll have to fork out for a new one. The Distributor for the...
  8. Rob-Gti

    Autech almera n15

    It isn't a Pulsar Autech Version. It's the engine and loom from a Pulsar Autech Version HN15 fitted into a UK spec N15 shell. The JDM Pulsar shell has no sunroof. It's a more rigid bodyshell. Also the Import interior is very different to the UK one. It has a different fabric pattern and the...
  9. Rob-Gti

    My Autech project

    How much of the kit is still on it? Does it still have the cream and black leather interior in.
  10. Rob-Gti

    Autech almera n15

    What do you need to know? The Autech engine is an Sr20de engine and is rated at 175PS As standard it comes with a low ratio box. I think the 0-60 is around 6.5-7 seconds. The pic shows a Highport de engine with an N1 valve cover fitted.
  11. Rob-Gti

    Rob-Gti's Black Autech Pulsar

    I'm going to start updating this now as it's been a while... Took the car for a spin at the weekend and it's developed a misfire at high rpm. Closer inspection revealed that the Rotor arm has been contacting the Distributor Cap so one of them isn't the right part. Parts for the Highport are...
  12. Rob-Gti

    Almera GTi

    It's certainly been looked after! Looks a nice example.
  13. Rob-Gti

    Just want to say Hello

    Welcome to the club! Get some pics up..
  14. Rob-Gti

    Almera rally car

    You could always put an Almera Gti's Sr20de engine into it? There's loads for sale as the 2.0 litre engine usually outlasts the shell. It's a simple swap and has been done by quite a few members on here. If you wanted low down power there's a lower ratio box with lsd that fits the 2.0 engine...
  15. Rob-Gti

    1.4 16v almera rally car

    It may free up a couple of horses but probably won't make a massively noticeable difference.
  16. Rob-Gti

    N1 V2 Seat Discussion

    Revising an old thread here. Now I remember reading that you could buy the Version 2 front seats directly from Nissan/Nismo Does anyone think that would have been possible or are there really only 36 of those interiors ever made? Edit..just read through the thread again and apparently it's in...
  17. Rob-Gti

    HOLES' N15 GTi

    Looks great and nice to see one being looked after so well.
  18. Rob-Gti

    My 2 N15's

    For the rear. They do a really nice Aluminium fixed front for the N15. However one of my mates has a really nice Titanium one on his Evo 8 that is Blue tinged, looks amazing. I'd love Carbing to make me a one off Titanium N15 brace as they make the Aluminium fronts to order. :)
  19. Rob-Gti

    My 2 N15's

    Those braces are great and so much lighter than the std one. I can definitely recommend the Carbing bar for between the shocker top mounts for maximum rigidity. ;)
  20. Rob-Gti

    Pulsar C13 Tekna Dci (spiritual successor to the almera?)

    You are right, Felt arch liners are to reduce road noise. They aren't as good as Plastic liners at keeping out moisture and stay wet much longer. Anyone would think that car manufacturers are now making cars that don't last as long so they can sell their latest model in 7 years time.....;)
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