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  1. Corbs

    Spotted: Faded red equation, Asda, Southville

    Saw a 5 door phase 2 equation in faded pinkish red with lacquer peel on the bonnet. Crease down rear quarter, one side had a P1 indicator. Driver was about 65 years old. RSPB sticker in the back window. Anyone on here?
  2. Corbs

    S.C.R.A.P Projects

    Sam and Corwin's Refurbished Almera Projects Seeing as this has started going I'm going to put up a thread so we can keep posting updates on cars we are working on, various projects and developments etc. Hopefully we'll be helping people out, doing work for a lot less than a garage would charge...
  3. Corbs

    Modded black GTi in Bristol

    Saw on the portway, I flashed and waved but you didnt look :( Black p1 GTI with smooth boot, open mouth grille, p2 gti front bumper and extra rust :)
  4. Corbs

    Red Nemesis Dog: Pulsar Autech

    1996 Autech GTi So this is the father's new ride to succeed the GTi. Nothing wrong with the GTi, this weekend he was saying what a fantastic car it was, and having driven it myself I can say it is bloody awesome, BUT.... A) This Autech came up for a good price B) Lower mileage, no rust C) Its...
  5. Corbs

    Black P1 GTi £350

    On driftworks.......
  6. Corbs

    Silver N15 Cheltenham

    Saw a silver 3 door P1 N15, GTi skirts, smoothed boot lock and rear wiper, debadged, that strange spoiler keiran used to have, and a big exhaust in cheltenham today, didnt recognise it but interesting to see a modded mera all the same.
  7. Corbs

    Bl8s Silver N16 in bristol

    Silver N16 with hi-rise spoiler and lixarse lights parked just off park street today. Brap Brap
  8. Corbs

    How come

    Some people have room for 150 PMs and some only have 100? :confused:
  9. Corbs

    Ebay find: Primera T4 4x4

    On ebay: 2 litre 4 wheel drive primera, pretty cheap at the moment!
  10. Corbs

    Touring Car style splitter

    Been thinking about mocking something like this up on a spare bumper I have, would be pretty easy to do (Might be wise to secure it to the crossmember though). Hope Ross doesnt mind me borrowing the pic. Quick mock up, might be bigger than this.
  11. Corbs

    Wide wheels?

    Mulling over a small refurb of tashas gti in the coming winter, repaint, rust repair etc. It keeps passing MoTs regardless, but one of the rear arches is too far gone to save. I'm thinking of a budget arch extension conversion on the front and back, some cheap lowering springs, a sturdier front...
  12. Corbs

    Very odd submarine spot

    Was at the maritime heritage and shipwreck centre in cornwall today (OBVIOUSLY), and looking in one of the display cabinets with salvaged items in it from various wrecks... JDM bulge style N14 indicator! Bizarre.
  13. Corbs


    ...again. The SRi is dying for some new rubber, I sold the toyos with the GTi today. Got a quote for 4 Kumho KU31 tyres fitted for £212, is this good? The suspension set up is just lowering springs and gas shocks, I'm selling my coilovers as unfortunately the bank wants a lot of money :(...
  14. Corbs

    Wezz on Rat Look! Did a quick search and they love almeras, although it could be said that the easiest way to rat one would just be to wait.
  15. Corbs

    3 Black GTi's in stone!

    Drove my GTi into the shell garage, gti69 aka Dan was washing his P2 GTi there, then on the way out a non bodykit black P1 GTi drove past! All chance meetings within 100 yards of one another!
  16. Corbs

    N15 Mechanics - a basic guide

    I'm setting this up to store technical info on what N15s have which engine etc. If you have any corrections or additions then please post them up! UK N15 Almeras Si 3 and 5 door FWD GA14DE Engine 1.4 L (1392 cc) 16V DOHC fuel injection engine. Bore x stroke (mm): 73.6 x 81.8. It...
  17. Corbs

    N15 Pickup: Research

    Something I've been toying with for a long time now. As far as I can tell, the best N15 shape would be a 5-door, due to the shorter length of the front doors (More space for the truck bed). Originally i was swaying towards the 4-door saloon shape, but this has some significant structural metal...
  18. Corbs

    Trop Green GTi M5 Southbound Between J19 and J20

    ...Last night. Cant get much more specific. P2 Trop Green, looked lowered, with 'JAPARTS' sticker in rear quarter window, I was in the SRi and was going to slow down and wave but floored it instead as I was desperate for a piss and only 3 miles from home :)
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