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  1. chris brown

    Headlamp and NATS Question

    Please post some pictures, your car sounds very interesting
  2. chris brown

    Headlamp and NATS Question

  3. chris brown

    O2 Sensor

    I have driven with mine unplugged,(not on purpose) ran OK, thats not to say it wasn't over fuelling etc...... Several places on the www sell them, typically the gti is the most expensive one !!
  4. chris brown

    2 V reg' Gti's - NE

    Red V reg heading onto A1 southbound near metrocentre 12 ish, and then a blue V reg heading past anistford around 3:30 this afternoon.......
  5. chris brown

    P50 JET - Ph 1 red gti

    no not me, but i sold the car this afternoon, maybe it was the new owner (but he was from boro area ??
  6. chris brown

    P50 JET - Ph 1 red gti

    Spotted in scrap yard in Sunderland.
  7. chris brown

    Blue Ph2 Gti- China town, Newcastle

    Spotted opposite Rosie's bar on Monday afternoon
  8. chris brown

    Infant Car Seat for N15

    I had a mamas & papas seat in my car, no problems (had to remove the head rest from the seat thats all), think they fit 99% of cars unless you have some fancy sports seats Chris
  9. chris brown


    I had a blue S14A for a short period, very nice car, try to get one with leather (I had cloth trim). Performace was good, never seemed particularly 'fast' but would reach speed effortlessly. I would certainly buy another.
  10. chris brown

    What is this window thing for?

    I thought it was a guide to keep the window inside the frame if you tried to put it up at speed ???
  11. chris brown

    Blue ph2 gti A19/A1231

    Seen you at the lights on the slip road, about 6pm Friday
  12. chris brown

    Gti rear spoiler mounting ?

    No its not the black goo, but that is around the lights which I had to remove. The sticky bits on the spoiler look like a perfect fit, rather than something that has just been stuck on, thought perhaps it was a proper fixing, cut to the shapes, but maybe not :confused:
  13. chris brown

    Gti rear spoiler mounting ?

    I have just removed the rear spolier from my damaged tailgate, it was fixed on with two botls, three clips and lots/or one big double sided sticky pad type things (the type you stick number plates on with ) it the the correct stuff and is it available as a part ? Chris
  14. chris brown

    Help with NATS please!

    My ph1 gti used to beep on lock/unlock, the ph2's I have owned didn't/don't ?
  15. chris brown

    Fuse for standard alarm

    Found it ! How long after the power has been off to the alarm unit will the nats remote stay programmed :confused: Chris
  16. chris brown

    Fuse for standard alarm

    Can anyone tell me which fuse (and where it is ) is for the standard fit alarm on a GTI ? Thanks Chris
  17. chris brown

    Call me a tard...

    regarding the a/c canister, does anyone know how the pipes and fittings seal onto this, I have a leak between the outer diameter of the pipe and the inside of the nut/clamp that holds it into place ?
  18. chris brown

    My GTi

    Hi Dave, looking good, I've just bought myself another Gti :lol:
  19. chris brown

    My part time car

    Nice motor Ollie, love the go faster add ons (i.e roofrack). Next you need a dog guard and baby seat and your sorted!!!
  20. chris brown

    My part time car

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