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  1. markbuts3

    top speed

    True but my Primera will do 166mph in 5th, it would need a fair bit more power to overcome the drag to get there though. I'd need around 210whp to get there actually. 130whp will get me to 140mph so you see the power required rises a fair bit for that extra 26mph.
  2. markbuts3

    top speed

    A RR won't tell you the top speed though as it will be limited by aero drag on the road unless you have loads of power.
  3. markbuts3

    Discussion on sizes of hubcentric spacers

    Ian, they won't affect toe caster or camber but will affect scrub radius.
  4. markbuts3

    aux belt tensioner

    The alt/air con belt has an idler pulley to adjust the tension If you have no air con then the alt is adjusted to alter the tension The water pump/PS belt is adjusted by moving the PS pump If you have no PS then there is an idler pulley in it's place which you adjust.
  5. markbuts3

    Fidanza flywheel

    143201 for the N15 GTi. You can fit the other one but it's only the OBD-II cars that have a crank sensor which NEED a specific flywheel, that being the 143621...
  6. markbuts3

    cam lift

    Duration... In 214* Ex 222* Lift isn't listed, only cam height but without knowing the BCD it's of no use.
  7. markbuts3

    SR20DE LSD/ Phanthom Grip etc...

    Found a pic of a SR20 VLSD With the final drive gear removed.. And in situ
  8. markbuts3

    SR20DE LSD/ Phanthom Grip etc...

    You wouldn't be able to fill it like that anyway. As I said it's sealed but even if it did have a plug it would be on the actual VLSD unit which is on the final drive. Not a Nissan unit but if you scroll down just past half way you'll see a VLSD removed from the diff...
  9. markbuts3

    SR20DE LSD/ Phanthom Grip etc...

    Don't think it can be changed. It's a silicone oil according to the FSM. It only mentions checking for cracks/leakage and doesn't show or mention a drain plug etc.
  10. markbuts3

    SR20DE LSD/ Phanthom Grip etc...

    It isn't. The VLSD is a sealed unit.
  11. markbuts3

    Coilover Setup

    You do realise that increasing pressure will usually increase grip ?? It will eventually get to a point where more pressure equals less grip but not at 34psi. at any point underinflation will lose grip faster than overinflation.
  12. markbuts3

    Anyone have the N15 Owners Manual in PDF???

    Which only works if you're registered.
  13. markbuts3

    Anyone have the N15 Owners Manual in PDF???

    Register and you will find it under Automotive-Factory Service Manuals-Nissan...
  14. markbuts3

    Cross Threaded Wheel Nut! HELP ASAP

    A new stud will be cheaper than a M12 x 1.25mm die which won't be included in most sets as it's a fine pitch. Plus if it's badly damaged the thread won't be as strong.
  15. markbuts3

    Fitting aftermarket Steering Wheel

    See if I can remember this....Basically you need to connect the wire in the car loom for the horn (green/yellow I believe) to the strip of brass. Then in the boss there will be a connector that is connected through to the brass ring on the wire from the horn push goes to that and the...
  16. markbuts3

    Springs loose on coilovers

    No it's not normal. You aren't supposed to mess with the lower spring perches, just keep the springs snug. You lower it by winding the lower mount onto the threaded damper.
  17. markbuts3

    SPOTTED, 37 ALMERAS ^^ that might help.
  18. markbuts3

    Whats this???

    If you mean the one on the floor, it's a vibration damper of some sort ;)
  19. markbuts3

    Really stupid handbrake question

    Just do a bit of left foot braking, that'll get the rear end loose :P
  20. markbuts3

    gti vs say 1.4 fuel consumption

    Quoting miles per tank is misleading as people fill up at different points on the fuel gauge and even if they did, the gauges aren't all as accurate as each other. How many litres does it take to refill. Work out the mpg :) Alex. They aren't bad quotes. How old are you ??
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