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    Hello All

    If you're sure the alternator is working then check the belts and the wiring going from the alternator to the battery. Honestly, it sounds like you got unlucky and another bad alternator.
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    Consult information

    I'm only a few months late in replying but you can't really get a "cheap" consult 3 interface as only the VI 1 will work. The cheapest I've seen them was on aliexpress for about 120. They're normally a red plastic. I've tried to find pass-throughs for the really cheap vag com interfaces but...
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    Wiring for front speakers..

    Late reply I know but I think the connections are different but you can get a set of speaker crimps and do it in a few minutes.
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    Stereo wiring

    This depends on the radio setup in the car. If it has a screen at the top centre of the dash then its a lot more complex then an easy adapter.
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    Mo's Trop Green GTi

    Thats a lot of rot in all the classic places! Would be good to her all fixed up
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    Noob Owner

    New headlights are easy enough to fit, just a few bolts but I don't know if you'll find depo ones easily anymore and last i saw they were over 150a pair. As for bulbs the Osram nightbreaker lazer are really damn good.
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    Brake pedal vibrate

    I know you say you've replaced the discs but it sounds like warped discs to me
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    Nissan Almera 2005 N16 USB & AUX Audio Input Slot

    I connected mine to the wires that connect to the screen. The red ACC will attach to the pink wire and the Yellow 12V to a yellow wire. There are no other pink wires on that screen connection but there is a yellow and green wire so be careful not to use that one. I've read through the wiring...
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    Where is the wiring for the rear speakers

    I've never heard of one not having rear speakers! I'd bet the wires are in at the sides of the boot close to the back of the rear seats as that's were the wires come through normally. I'm not sure about the holes you're talking about but I'd say just go for it, just screw the speakers in metal...
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    Clear repetitors

    I'm 99.9% sure they do!
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    N16 car stereo Those links should have all the info you need. Its not an easy job as the...
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    Consult information

    This is all about consult for Nissans with an emphasis on consult for the Almera N16 but will still be very useful for other models. This is also part of a series of threads I've made about the SAT NAV setup in the Almera and it's links to the immobilizer (NATS). All of this information is...
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    Service Manuals N16 Phase 1/Phase 2

    Yeah under the service manual tab the phase 2 n16 manual will give you the phase one (2001).
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    Console Removal

    I got this from the service manual, I think it'll help ;) Just to explain it a bit better, C pulls straight out towards the handbrake, Grab F around the gear gator edge and put it up and H just pulls off too.
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    Non sat-nav to sat-nav model, programming?

    Okay so just to update this thread on the programming. So far from what I've read, I have a theory that the DVD (nav) unit will work with the original CD (audio) unit as the CD unit will have never seen a DVD unit before and might accept the first one that is plugged into it. I will be testing...
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    Non sat-nav to sat-nav model, programming?

    The sat nav is a bit pants but I think it looks nicer then the none sat nav screen. If i ever mange to upgrade it I will then look at updating the maps. The coding of the nav system into NATS is easy but you need the consult-II scanner that the main dealers use and last I checked they were...
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    Non sat-nav to sat-nav model, programming?

    Just for anybody that is interested in replacing part of the audio or nav systems or upgrading to a nav system from second hand parts check the attached files from the FSM. All that is needed for a phase 2 (assuming the units and wiring is all okay) is for NATS to be re-initialized. This can...
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    Non sat-nav to sat-nav model, programming?

    Just in case anyone else may ever be interested in this, the sat nav setup is linked to the NATS so any change means it needs to be all programed together with the right codes. If its not it will not work!
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    Non sat-nav to sat-nav model, programming?

    If I managed to source all the bits needed to upgrade to the built in sat nav unit (LCD screen, controls, DVD unit, CD unit, GPS antenna and the dash wiring loom) will I need to program the sat nav to my ECU? I know I will need a code to enter into the sat nav it's self when it first turns on...
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    N15 Almera Dash lights??? That thread should have all the info for you!
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