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  1. Spook

    Spooks 5 window Ford project.

    So then... I'll admit now I've been slightly more enthused about this since seeing Liam's progress on the mean green gti. I had a bit of time yesterday afternoon. So I got my Toyos mounted on the Transit rims and cracked on with the rear end. Once the wheels were ready I set about pulling the...
  2. Spook

    N15 Track Car

    Looks like a very familiar setup in the back ;) Good work mate.
  3. Spook

    What you guys think ?

    Whether or not they suit the car is a matter of opinion and sadly not a matter of democracy. Personally I don't like them and I take it from the fact you're asking us lot that you're, at best, not sure about them.
  4. Spook

    Spooks 5 window Ford project.

    Nice! This has been put on hold for a bit as I have had a Porsche to restore. I've still been buying a few parts here and there. I've invested in an AEM F/IC-8 which is a badass little piggyback so I have the option of running either a supercharger or a small set of twin turbos and it lets me...
  5. Spook

    Nige's N15

    I hadn't noticed you'd changed to amber corners. I didn't like the clear ones before but I think the amber is too strong. Maybe bronze the inside reflector or change to amber bulbs to give it a tint and get closer to the colour of the wheel centres. Epic stuff though!
  6. Spook

    A little something to keep me busy

    Is the rotary going back in now or are you still on for a swap?
  7. Spook

    I need help and links with help about a 1.8 almera tino camshaft sensor fault.

    I would still think it's chain stretch as you've already eliminated the camshaft sensor by replacing it. If you take the timing chain cover off you should be able to see the tensioner. If this is extended between 10-12mm then the chain has stretched and is out of spec. Basically the slack in the...
  8. Spook

    N15 Track Car

    Nice work mate. Should pay off on the track.
  9. Spook

    N15 Track Car

    Going well buddy. Would it be an idea to mount the brake bias valve inside? You could adjust on the fly then and save getting out.
  10. Spook

    N15 Track Car

    I've got a horrible feeling that they are going to drum while you're driving. Looks like you're getting the hang of it though.
  11. Spook

    N15 SR20DE sound

    I don't know of anyone ever to have snapped a chain on one of these. You'll be fine.
  12. Spook

    N15 SR20DE sound

    You won't get chain stretch on the SR20 really. The tensioner maybe but not the chain.
  13. Spook

    Older "insert type" oil-filter removal?

    Do you not just undo the big nut at the bottom? The chain will chew it up pretty good.
  14. Spook

    N15 Track Car

    I'm glad someone bought it. Nice one mate. Back in the game!
  15. Spook

    Spooks 5 window Ford project.

    Extreme offset wheels. They have an eBay shop. The owner Craig is a decent bloke. They're only £65 each.
  16. Spook

    Spooks 5 window Ford project.

    I've worked out my wheel size for the rear to give me more clearance. Another 64mm each side should do the trick ;) An unlikely source of wheel but it all calculates out well. These are the ones Iot enough to clear due to the width (8J) even though they are ET0. I may use these on the front or...
  17. Spook

    New owner

    Your car is a 1.4 Premium surely? Oh and welcome along...
  18. Spook

    Ride Height

    Are you sure?
  19. Spook

    Hello everyone, I'm new and I need some help please!

    Clean the EGR valve.
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