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  1. luvrust

    No brakes. HELP!!!

    It sounds like it has lost fluid from one of the two brake circuits,look for fluid loss/wetness round the wheels,if nothing found,then it could be the master cylinder. Your mechanic should really do this,you shouldn`t be fekking with the brakes if your not sure. Good luck,i hope you didn`t die. :)
  2. luvrust

    Crossmember question

    Just weld some new tin in there.
  3. luvrust

    N16 Diesel SXi - Starting Issue and Engine Power Loss

    Thought it was only some of the petrol versions suffering stretched timing chains?
  4. luvrust

    N15 Track Car

    Nice work on the pedal box,car looks great cleaned up. Video next ;)
  5. luvrust

    Shadows after debadging

    Yup, the sun will not of faded the paint behind the badges obvs,only way for uniform finish is new paint,it needs painting any way,all the more reason to get it done. I have a compressor coming up for grabs if you fancy DIY :)
  6. luvrust

    Help with my n16

    I do like white ones. Get some better pics up. Welcome to AOC. :)
  7. luvrust


    lol and welcome to AOC. Get joined up :)
  8. luvrust


    I think this is ace. Fond memories shared an all that. You fancying another one Kieren ? They are still about,,,,just. :)
  9. luvrust

    The making of a touring car

    Good collection of bits, keep at it :)
  10. luvrust

    A little something to keep me busy

    Top stuff. It`s looking more solid than rusty now dude,keep at it,you will get there :)
  11. luvrust

    Pulsar N15 GA16DE+SR20DET Hello from Russia

    Guessing here but remove bulb from cluster maybe? Car looks great BTW :)
  12. luvrust


    Pedal low usually indicates a leak of flud, it could be the master or more likely the slave cyl,needs checking or could fail.
  13. luvrust

    Got a problem with reverse gear

    Hahaha. :D
  14. luvrust

    New account

    Great colour,is that a couple of biggish dents in the o/s quarter/tailgate or just the light/piccy distorting reflection? Bit of peel on the spoiler too? Well worth sorting out IMHO.
  15. luvrust

    HEy all

    A bit slow is ok as long as it gets u there. Welcome to AOC. :)
  16. luvrust

    Spooks 5 window Ford project.

    Hey Spook, i saw this and thought of you :D Any updates?
  17. luvrust

    Nige's N15

    ^^^ What he said yes,but for me with the centre picked out in gold leaf would be perfect ;) Any one know how to photo shop?
  18. luvrust

    Nige's N15

    I kind of liked the gold centres on the old wheels,they made a nice contrast with the body colour. Good stance on the new ones tho :)
  19. luvrust

    Nige's N15

    Well lush and totally worth all the hard graft,nice one :)
  20. luvrust

    N15 Track Car

    Good work,just keep adding steel and protecting,it will last for ever :)
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