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  1. Beard

    Facebook site linking question

    Probably a silly question but thought i'd ask first, am i ok linking my for sale thread on here to the facebook page? cheers
  2. Beard

    Couple of cars at traxx

    I can't unless they've invented time machines.
  3. Beard

    Couple of cars at traxx

    One black no interior nitros bottle and a few stickers The other light blue orange indicators Both N15's
  4. Beard

    USername Change!

  5. Beard

    USername Change!

    Just thought i'd bump this instead of creating a new post Could I get my user name changed back to beard please
  6. Beard

    Phase 2 GTi

    Not good!
  7. Beard

    CoV's N15

    Looks like an absolute bargain!
  8. Beard

    Kitty the Red GTi

    Doooo eeeet! I went olive drab with my run around car. Makes me smile everytime i see it
  9. Beard

    Ross Autech

    I know its just repeating what everyone else has said but its good to see you've got it working again.
  10. Beard

    Sams VZ-R N1

    That video neeeeeds the benny hill music!!!!
  11. Beard

    Ross Autech

    Thats awesome!
  12. Beard

    Engine Bay Thread

    Mine as it stands at the moment
  13. Beard

    Nissan Almera 1.4

    Car looks seriously tidy though i agree lose the wind deflectors kinda makes the side of your car look like its got eyebrows
  14. Beard

    Custom gaskets

    not that i know of, its quite close to it but thats about it
  15. Beard

    Custom gaskets

    Cheers for the links but kind of want it for this evening will pop to halfrauds on the way home they should have something
  16. Beard

    Custom gaskets

    cheers taking it i can get the silicon stuff from somewhere like B&Q
  17. Beard

    Custom gaskets

    mine is
  18. Beard

    Custom gaskets

    its for the split joint on my hotshots one. I've got some material but the one iv made is blowing already. I've emailed a couple of companies just wondering if anyone on here had used anywhere for this kind of thing
  19. Beard

    Custom gaskets

    Anyone on here used anywhere for custom gaskets?? need one for my manifold split joint. cheers
  20. Beard

    Spammage :(

    Bloody Decepticons!
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