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  1. pel

    My Autech project

  2. pel

    Is this a good deal?

    For 150 quids what have you got to lose?
  3. pel

    Front Wings

    There is a fixing at the bottom of rear of the wing that can be a bitch to undo
  4. pel

    Hollow out catalytic converter

    Do they even still exsist
  5. pel

    N15 Track Car

  6. pel

    Turbo on my 1.8 flare 03 n16 Almera

    Watts *
  7. pel

    N15 Track Car

    The Liamspec cad departments been busy I see
  8. pel


    Seriously? 7 year necro posting
  9. pel

    Nige's N15

    I like it, although for some reason I feel they are too light for the car, maybe try yellow.
  10. pel

    N15 Track Car

    Did he do that too?
  11. pel

    N15 Track Car

    Or cut some random hole in the bumper for less of a parachute effect
  12. pel

    N15 Track Car

    Mate you should have welded some channel down the length of the car for added rigidity
  13. pel

    battery relocation n15

    Roughly 35 mm double insulated for 150a
  14. pel

    My Mera

    It's not rust, it's a factory weight reduction kit
  15. pel

    Almera sump pan removal

    Hammer gently? I'm not familiar with this term
  16. pel

    Didn't really like the new Almera hatchback .....

    Don't go much on your taste In porn
  17. pel

    N15 Track Car

    Charles, don't post them to him, tell him to come pick them up
  18. pel

    Henry the toledo

    Yeah scrap that, still playing up, getting the hump with this
  19. pel

    Henry the toledo

    May have got to the bottom of it, fingers crossed. Found an air leak after the maf so hopefully that's finally solved it
  20. pel

    Henry the toledo

    No it will quite happily go to any speed but not smoothly. I haven't checked the wiring but I know from previous that having the fault code up doesn't affect the running of it.
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