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  1. tommo

    Newbie from Leeds, West Yorkshire

    Welcome to the aoc tony!
  2. tommo

    N15 GTi Track Car

    So glad I sampled it, true track car if ever there was one. RIP trackmera, say hello to Texas pete and Reob for me :D
  3. tommo

    Sunny/Pulsar GTiR

    I have heard before the 'p' badge is a rare nod to the prince motor company that Nissan bought out years ago. Majority of gtir's have a nissan badge there. I stand to be corrected though.
  4. tommo

    Ed's P11-144 SR20 Sport+

    144's will always look like they were fed with catapults as children.
  5. tommo

    Sams VZ-R N1

    Or cheat, they're only £6 on amazon
  6. tommo

    Wezz takes it up the emo bum

    Cash and carry special edition :lol:
  7. tommo

    Kitty the Red GTi

    Wooooot Get yer pics out
  8. tommo

    Newbie, in the last hour!

    Half decent set of coil overs and an Almera can kick it with the best of them handling wise. Sounds like the beginnings of something beautiful :D
  9. tommo

    Newbie, in the last hour!

    Uh oh.... This is the beginning of the end you do know that don't you. Prepare to own at least 3.
  10. tommo

    Back again

    Welcome back matey!
  11. tommo

    Pimp Member

    Fantastic. Be up the weekend to fit it then dude.
  12. tommo

    Pimp Member

    Awesome! What's the time scale looking like now then dude?
  13. tommo

    Newbie, in the last hour!

    Provided the sills and front cross member are alright I'd just get her welded and have some cheap fun. For the cost to get it patched up you could save yourself the hassle of buying another one that could potentially be the same. I've scrapped 2 that needn't have been scrapped and regretted both...
  14. tommo


    Bonjour x
  15. tommo

    STOLEN 99' Spec Almera GTi

    Been a while. Try 30.
  16. tommo

    STOLEN 99' Spec Almera GTi

    This old chestnut? Pah. I'm faster than everyone.
  17. tommo

    New Car. I don't Have An Almera Now..

    Well I wasn't expecting that. Top work dude!
  18. tommo

    Pimp wheels

  19. tommo

    sprints si

  20. tommo

    GA High Comp Build

    While its all apart dude, might be worth it
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