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  1. wraith

    Almera 1.5s 53 plate engine management light

    This might help find out what's going on. Post the error code, someone on here should be able to interprate. This worked on both my 2001 N16s.. 1) Turn Ignition switch to the 'on' position (do not start engine) - the warning light should stay on. 2) Find the data link connector just below the...
  2. wraith

    Wraith's Blue Beastie

    Not really thought about that yet. Hard to price it as a whole car because although it's definitely a bit tired I'm not sure if there is anything major wrong or just a whole load of niggly bits that need fixing to one degree or another. I really just need to go over it and make a list of good...
  3. wraith

    Wraith's Blue Beastie

    Yeah, just a hint of bubbles last September but by April all four arches and the tailgate were covered. Few old stone chips on the front of the roof going too. The suspension, driveshafts etc seem fine but all the clunking noises from the front and back and clicking when turning are worrying...
  4. wraith

    N16 pulsar project

    Not much to go on but 18 inch rims on an n15 and 'cheap' put up red flags in my mind right off the bat.
  5. wraith

    Wraith's Blue Beastie

    Righty-ho. Not been around for a while because work has been a bit mental and I've not been doing anything interesting with the car. Spent last weekend removing the rust that was all over the tailgate and all four arches. Was going to be impossible to get a decent DIY paint job done on the...
  6. wraith

    Wraith's Blue Beastie

    Still alive (me and car) but not well (me and car). I've had a variety of interesting cold viruses constantly since November and it's contracted ugly (but cosmetic) rust. It's doing my head in because all the rust is at the back. I now sit at the lights next to someone in a bangin' corsa and...
  7. wraith

    Newbie with two Almeras

    Welcome along. Some pics of the front, back and dash/center console should be enough to identify them even if we can't find the VINs.
  8. wraith

    Hi I'm a new member have almera 2.2dci

    Bargain? Bloody hell, I'd say so; I spend more than that on magic trees in a year! Welcome to the club.
  9. wraith

    hiya,my names connor, I'm a new member

    Welcome along.
  10. wraith

    Does anyone like hydro /carbon dipped parts?

    Next best thing how? Does it lighten and strengthen the thing that is coated almost as much as replacing it with genuine carbon fibre would? To be fair it's nice of you to offer and I'm sure some people will love it but personally I think fake carbon fibre is like sticking a rolled-up sock down...
  11. wraith

    Hello. New N15 GTI phase 1 owner here

    Looks nice and clean. Welcome along.
  12. wraith

    Hello.i'm new arround here

    Welcome to the club.
  13. wraith

    Anothe newbie looking for help!

    What year N16 and what does the center console look like? Does it have a big LCD screen? If so is it colour or monochrome? If it is a phase 1 (no big satnav/climate control screen) check out autoleads for a fascia and leads. If it's a phase 2 it's much trickier.
  14. wraith

    N16 pulsar project

    Driving on cut springs is very dangerous.
  15. wraith

    N16 DCi-R

    Looking very tidy, needs a proper photoshoot ASAP!
  16. wraith

    unwanted beeps!

    If it was me I'd suspect my wife had installed an 'annoying beeps' soundboard app on her phone and was winding me up...
  17. wraith

    Raycer's gti

    Mine is like that, had to raise it a little or the catch does not release when you pull the handle.
  18. wraith

    Wraith's Blue Beastie

    Thanks. 25mm spacers.
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