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    Replacing Stereo

    I wasn't expecting to find anything, but Dynamic Sounds have recommended this wiring harness: CT20NS04. It looks like it would fit the small connector on the back of the CD player. And assuming the loose black wire is earth, then the larger connector doesn't need to be connected to according...
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    Replacing Stereo

    Spent quite a bit of time reading the forums and what issues I might face, so really I'm just checking I'm on the correct path here and haven't missed anything. Brilliant guide: This...
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    Headlight Problems?

    Just want to say how pleased I am with the DEPO lights I got from Ebay. It is literally a difference of night & day (Excuse the pun). To be fair it is partly the xenon bulbs I put in there, but without the DEPO lights those bulbs don't make a bit of difference. I can actually see where I'm...
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