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  1. Dale

    Blue Ph2 GTi Spotted (T58????)

    Spotted a nice lookng blue Ph2 GTi driving in my home town, West Brom. Drove along side him and gave him the thumbs up:thumb: Had a bit of a play aswell down the duel carriageway! Told him to join the club too.
  2. Dale

    Autech Pulsar GTi

    As some of you know, i picked up the Autech from Rob-Gti, here she is....
  3. Dale

    Sill Repair Cost

    How much should i be looking to pay to get both of my rear sills cut out, and new sills welded in?? Ball park figure?? Just put a massive hole through my o/s/r sill, the outer skin wasnt rusty, that was intact.... its whats lurking behind it that shocking. Its rotten on the inside layers...
  4. Dale

    Door Rust

    So i spent the day attacking the annoying rust on my drivers door: The rust was going under the trim so i had to take a few parts off to gain access. O/S Door Card O/S Door Mirror O/S Window Trim To remove the door card you need to undo ALL the visable screws, and you need to...
  5. Dale

    RED GTi BBC 1 News

    Pretty sure i spotted a Red Gti on BBC1 'Midlands Today' news, they were doing a peice on Road Workers saftey and a modded Red Almera GTi went past. Who was it? Anyone see it?
  6. Dale

    Spotted Blue Ph2 Gti

    Blue ph2 GTi, last thursday on the M6, southbound between junction 11 and 10 at approx 12.30pm. Was following behind you for a while in my Mera. Anyone?
  7. Dale

    PICS: Midlands Meet 31st MArch

    I'll get the ball rolling since i got back early, with a few snaps taken with my camera (before the batteries died) at the pre-meet location. Some nice weather today too, which is always good.
  8. Dale

    Red Ph1 GTi Spotted

    Saw a very nice example of a Red Ph1 Gti last night, parked up in West Brom. Looked standard other than some 17's and lowered. Reg began with P302 ***
  9. Dale

    AOC Power and Torque

    In preparation for my RR session i would like to start a thread for us to put our RR printouts into (standard or modified cars), so they are all in one place. Model: ... BHP@Wheels : ... Calculated BHP@Crank: ... Torque: .... Then post the RR printout please. Also, only state...
  10. Dale

    RED GTi, Walsall

    Dont think its anyone off here, but thought i'd check anyway. Saturday at 1pm (ish), Red Gti in Walsall with black alloys.
  11. Dale

    Engine Mapping Prices

    Running out of patience now, need the car mapped up. :( Got a bad flat spot where the car seems to bog down around 2200-3000rpm and its shit. After my best attempts to try and figure out the cause, ive finally given up. How much should i be expecting to pay to get the car mapped? I...
  12. Dale

    No one here? Difficulties screen?

    Hmm, this is strange. It appears im the only user online and some error, technical fault screen just came up when i tried to refresh? Anyone else have this error? Or is my computer being retarded. :confused:
  13. Dale

    Anyone get this problem?

    Just wondering if anyone else has problems with leaves and dirt getting inside the sill ?(via the inner arch) near the front arches. I removed the plastic inner arch to find the inside of the sill area was full of leaves and mud and also starting to rust :( Upon closer inspection it looks...
  14. Dale

    Rusty Door

    Anyone else have this problem? I decided to get that area back to bare metal and put that brown rust eater primer on , then normal grey primer over the top. It doesnt help that it keeps fecking raining! Ideally i...
  15. Dale

    Ga16de cylinder head

    I have the opportunity to purchase a ga16 head from a primera, the guy thinks it needs a rebuild though as the car was smoking upon startup. Couple of Q's.. How much roughly should i be expecting to pay? A price has already been agreed - just interested to see your oppinions. How much is...
  16. Dale


  17. Dale

    N16 aftermarket Rear lights

    If anyones interested. Just found these for the N16, (you may have seen them before) but ive only seen the lexus stlyee before. Not my sort of thing, but i thought it may be useful for those looking for alternative rear lights...
  18. Dale

    Usc 2006

    USC at santapod. Last year i saw a couple of almera's there. One went up the strip and did a 14.8 i think.. I also saw one having a go on the handling track. Both were blue in colour IIRC. Was it any one on here?
  19. Dale

    'New Posts' difficulty

    Just a quick question. It might just be my computer playing up, but sometimes when i press the 'new posts' button. The screen comes up with: Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. So i cant view the new posts.. Does this happen to anyone else?
  20. Dale

    GTI on Autotrader

    I saw this GTI on the trader and i wondered if it was anyones from the sure ive seen it before...
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