Aftermarket stereo/audio options for N16 Almera with facelift

A sticky on Almera stereo replacement? All right then...

Mulling over a full swap for the crappy cassette stereo in my Almera 1.5s 2001. Wondering if anyone has any inputs reagarding the hardware, and the installation. Think I need an ISO adapter (PC2-74-2).

Pioneer TS-E1702is 17cm 2-Way Coaxial Superior Speakers (280W)
Pioneer MVH-270DAB - USB/iPod/DAB Ready & Aux-input player
- or Pioneer MVH-X370BT - USB/iPod Ready, Aux-input player with Bluetooth
Connects2 CT24NS02 Facia Plate for Nissan Almera
Connects2 CT25NS01 Nissan Micra / Almera Speaker Adapters 16.5cm
Pioneer TS-A4613i 4" x 6" 3-way Coaxial Speakers (200W)

Not sure I need the speaker bracket for the front, but hey whatever, it's a tenner (for a bit of plastic).

I do want a mechless player, this one seems to fit my requirements. Not sure about the usefulness of bluetooth (I do have a Moto X) over DAB radio. I don't listen to radio much TBH. USB and front aux-in obligatory.

the TS-E1702i are a bit less expensive, not sure they can handle 'energetic' volume.

Rear speakers optional ATM. I guess if the instalation is successful, I might as well.

Not sure if I need a special adapter for the connector at the rear. There's plenty around, but don't know what they are for exactly.

Think I'll start with the player and faceplate first, then get some speakers later is the stock are left wanting.
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I didn't cut the plug I just soldered iso leads on so standard can be replaced . Takes a while to find all the wires though

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Please explain how you did it! I also want to change the factory HU with a Sony mex n5100bt! The factory one is a Clarion cy460! Thank you in advance!
Strip wires solder iso wires on plug in new radio

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Going to do this in the next day or two. My stock radio isn't working properly at all.

Does the CD unit need to be left in the car?

Edit: Never mind, it doesn't. Fit a "new" radio today.
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