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Well as some of you know, ive had an idea for Grandad and its called Project F.A.O.C, which stands for Feed Almera Owners Club.

So if that doesnt give it away, its going to become a Car-B-Q. Im using the back half the shell, including the rear doors which will be a seperate storage area from the BBQ in the boot... The BBQ itself will be built on a frame to slide out of the boot a little (so as to not bang your head) and the tailgate is going to be on sliders that will allow slide up and rest on the roof out of the way.

Anyway heres my progress so far...








As the pictures show ive removed all the interior and wiring looms from the rear of the car, ive also removed the brake pipes. Ive left the handbrake cables in place as the h/brake will be kept (to stop it rolling away with all our baycon!). Sometime this week im going to remove the fuel lines and tank then start to weld in some bracing ready for the big cut, which will be happening the weekend after next :)

Progress will probably be slow as ive got other things to get on with and another car to save up for, but it WILL be attending JAE :)

Cheers :flowers:
HMMMMMMM cant wait for the Car-B-Q lol i AM also going to be at JAE this year no matter what happens lol! even on a :scooter: if i have to haha

So is it going to be a trailer of sorts or the whole car itself on the road and driving??
Good selection there Corbs :)

Well today I removed the fuel tank and fuel lines. Then sorted out all the interior bits to take up the tip next weekend.

Just bracing to do then its grinder time :rockon:
heh finally the secret is out, that's a cracking idea mate and a fitting end to grandad, will make a handy little trailer for going to shows etc too :shades:
Yeah it is!

Im doing it mainly for JAE to be honest :lol:

Oh, and if anyone has any company stickers (eg. the RR Developments one on the rear screen) that they would like advertising send me one and ill gladly put it on, same goes for some AOC ones. *cough* Hally *cough*.
I ordered some big AOC ones last year when Joe/Cov were going to do it. PM Joe to see if he still has them?
Yeah that cool. Ill be painting the inside of the windows, so just making sure they arent black...
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