Almeragt´s SR20VE Almera

new headers - custom 4-1 stepped headers with megaphone with reverse cone. Custom calculated in pipemax, simulated in Lotus software exactly to engine parameters /cams, diameter and length of the valves, intake and exhaust ports diameter and length, intake plenum volume, comp. ratio, bore and stroke etc./
Made in A-M-A exhaust
collector and megaphone with reverse cone.jpg
headers. 2jpg.jpg
stredovy tlmic.jpg
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thanks, We will see on a dyno... Seems that it has more power from 5600 RPM to 9000 RPM and from the feeling it has much flatter power/torque curve from 5600 RPM = what is cam switch point on my setup. Holds the power until the end. But that is a feeling, We will see the facts on a dyno ;)
Last setup - how it actually looks under the hood /engine bay/
engine bay 2018.jpg
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This N15 must be the most expensive and over the top project on this club's site tbh, it's awesome still though.

Wish i could afford even half of this because prices here compared there is like 5 times higher because nobody does anything cheap around here, you could almost buy like a brand new M1 BMW with 350 or so horses from a dealer with the money that'd go into tuning a Almera this far here locally. (M1 BMW is around 70k euros and is probably worst way to spend that amount of money, GT-R money basically.)

Granted, M1 Beamer or GT-R is not as impressive as this N15, nicer maybe but not as impressive.

Hopefully i get motivated enough myself someday to put some of my project's stuff on the sites, it's been rather interesting path for my N16 getting small upgrades bit by bit during the last 5-6 years, i guess i'll finish the project first and then show the overall aftermath whenever it's done, but hey, at least 10 years worth of time left with my N16 since it'll probably never die at this rate (everything under the car replaced, polyurethane there and here, all regular N16 problems fixed and so on) basically the only original parts are the engine, transmission, interior panels and drive shafts, lots of work hours but not much to "brag" about, tbh even if i went through all the trouble like getting custom intake and exhaust manifolds, custom catback system, hi-flow cat, forged internals for engine i'd only get like 130-140 horses since it'd be impossible to turbo charge it around here since there's no petrol turbo N16.

Anyhow, i'm really waiting for some updates for this project of yours.
to be honest, We are doing a couple of changes on the suspension since August 2018. Unfortunately, rear independent suspension didn´t perform as I wished and there were a couple of problems caused by a mistakes made be the producer.
We have made an analyzes of the suspension - everything measured by Dynatune XL
- strength analysis
- kinematic test

Both were not good, so since this time /August 2018/ the car is at Profi Performance

rear arms were too short and the suspension was not strong enough. Depending on this, the axles has been twisted by the forces in the corners and small arms were changing the toe and camber by stroke and load significantly.
So We have made a brand new independent suspension - used just the "trailing arms" from the "old" setup - rear axles are finished and it works how it should. Everything was measured many times by Dynatune XL again... To make them strong, producer spent many hours making the tests and We have to streght the trailing arms too...
starting basic geometry on the rear axles are:
toe: 0
camber: -2.2 degrees
kinematically it works great, doesn´t change TOE and camber at all by full stroke or load /most of OEM cars do change toe by stroke or load/

We will change also the wheel bearings - from small to modern simple big bearing setup. We will use AUDI wheel bearings... Why? now the point where it´s twisting the axle is at bearings. Bigger bearing will be stronger, the wheel will be guided more precisely /more accurate/.

Kinematics of the front suspension is not very good also. So We are working on the front axles and steering now. Trying to get there more castor, working on the brand new front spindle-knuckles... Should be ready in January/February

Also will change the springs - they were analyzed also and setup will be slightly different considering the new weight distribution of the car...

Some pictures from the new rear axle



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this is a setup which used for example some of the ford escort kit cars...
it is still much lighter comparing to OEM setup, but little bit more heavy comparing to previous setup - but previous setup was not working. Light, but not strong enough...
Weight of the car is more/less the same, as I had to remove the fuel tank and bought a racing fuel tank which will be in a trunk... /and racing fuel tank is much lighter comparing to OEM one/. Will use a racing fuel pump, new fuel lines, and fuel filter - everything will be in a trunk.

Escort kit car:
ford-escort-kit-car 2.jpg
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