Just a post to say hello. I thought I joined this forum about 2 or 3 years ago but I was probably confusing it with the Nissan one (?)

Anyhoo, my name's Matt and I drive this N16 shape Almera 2.2 dCi SXE:

Nissan Almera of Doom
by ProgRocker77, on Flickr

2003 Nissan Almera "sport"
by ProgRocker77, on Flickr

Fifty shades of grey
by ProgRocker77, on Flickr

Nissan Almera fuel economy
by ProgRocker77, on Flickr

It's just gone over 80,000 miles and is providing sterling service. It isn't in A1 condition but I'm happy with it.
Apologies for my lack of postings on this forum for the last 8 months. I have quite a few forum related plates to spin!

Now up to 84,300 miles in my 'Almera of Doom'

I didn't mention previously that my sister also owns an N16 Almera. Hers is an 03 reg 1.5 'Flare' in metallic gold with less than 50k miles on the clock. It's much tidier than my 2.2d. :)
It looks like Tornado Grey (not blue, or green but grey, apparently). Had phase one pov-spec 1.5 and 1.8 sport that colour and it's a really nice colour. Hard to find a contrast for, though, as it's a bit ambiguous depending on the light and how blue/green colour-blind you are.

Edit: paint code will be on the vin plate at the back of the engine bay, Tornado Grey is BW3 if I remember right.
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Not sure if this is the right thread to do this but I thought I should give an update.

I have owned my 2.2 dCi for nearly 5 and a half years now. Last summer I decided to raid my savings and get the turbo replaced as it was startling pedestrians with it's annoying whistling sound. It cost £1,300 and the job was done by Clive Atthowe tuning in Norwich. Took them quite some time to prise the turbo off the engine and they couldn't initially tell what the issue was until they noticed the fan blades were broken, caused by a stone.

Now pulls like a train. Now up to 92,800 miles.

I have been looking at replacing the Almera with a smaller petrol engined car but I won't do it until I have saved up enough money or it gets written off.
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