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The fuelling was setup on this MAHA rolling road, using steady state mode at different RPM intervals. We held the motor at 7400 to get a good reading, it was a little rich but not enough to cause a missfire etc.

Yeah the N1 cams can make power upto 8-8.5k.

Well id consider this dyno as reading low, when you consider a bone stock SR20VE is 190bhp.
This 211bhp should be more like 211WHP for this setup but Im not too concerned about the numbers, im happy with the torque curve and theres a little bit more power to be found to 8000rpm if i can sort out the issues.

Im almost tempted to put the regular 16ve cams back in.

Has anybody got adjustable cam gears for sale?
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The inlet cam was retarded loads on the stroker when i first got it because the compression was so high.


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They are SR16VE Springs, proven to at least 8500 so it shouldnt be float.

The noise is audible from 5k and gets worse upto 8k.


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Are you going on us power figures?

There totally exaggerated

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For comparison sake, i would refer to dynojet numbers, which gives the most consistent/comparable results.
I would need to put my car on a dynojet to be able to compare.
Can I say this is near textbook what happened when mine hit the RR? Same HP figure near enough an all. The compression is a ball ache it's just too much I think unless race fuel is used?

I don't know if cam gears are the answer a lot with these builds found 0, 0 to be best? Or at least adjusting them to not yield so much?
^ they'll be needed to bleed of some cylinder comp.

what did the afr look like?
what's the afpr set too?
what management you using?
surely your drivetrain isn't loosing 40hp+?


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N15, i think the compression is too high, its only become an issue after fitting N1s which suggests ive achieved better cylinder filling, there isnt det on the low cam. I just need to find ways to work around it (cam timing) before i consider changing pistons etc.

David, i cant put a number on the AFR, as the fuelling is monitored with a gas analyser. That reads Lambda, CO and HC. Operator had a target CO of between 5.5-6.5%.

Fuel pressure is 4 BAR on 370cc injectors using Sr16ve ecu and dastek unichip.

Im pretty much ignoring the WHP numbers.
yet bhp is a derivative of whp, not the other way round as you know. with such a stunning build, this warrants better management i feel.

like you say these whp and bhp aren't the issue *as a dynojet is a much better gauge, its the issue of det that you'll address shortly im sure.
As above. I think you're lacking the fine tuning that is required with a good spec high comp build like yours. The time and money you've spent more than warrants Nistune/Nismotronic or even standalone.
As for the BTCC cars, I'm pretty sure that there were restrictions on the octane of the fuel they used. Either that or compression ratio I can't remember now.
Personally, although my spec won't be as far reaching as yours, I am going for a coil-on-plug setup with Nistune. I think that will give the most scope for tuning and better overall product at the end. Just my 2p.
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