Autech Pulsar GTi


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My old 3" system was too noisey for a daily NA car, hence running a smaller 2.25" system now.

This was nothing to do with midrange torque, a bigger exhaust after the header would make more power EVERYWHERE.
In fact No exhaust at all after the header makes the most power.
Thanks for that 3'' FTW ... when you say Daily... I assume driving to work? ... no compromise beast with 2nd shitbox daily ftw (Cough 3'' in progress ;) )


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To be honest the whole point in ownership for me is to use the car as much as possible and enjoy it.
I know it works for some, but having a separate daily didnt really work for me. I found myself losing interest or paying too much attention maintaining the other daily car.
He wanted the power to be more midrange than top end I presume hence the smaller exhaust

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Is this how it all works? I had always thought (assumed) that bigger exhaust meant a more resposive throttle, across the entire range? I'm an amateur BTW, just just little enough knowledge to be dangerous.

Edit. - completely ignore this . I've just read response from Dale that worded perfectly, what I had thought. I also responded to a message without refreshing my browser, so hadn;t seen all the other replies since.
I much prefer mine. I have choice of 1l corsa, 1.4 diesel 65mpg 206 or mine averages 25mpg. Always pick mine, build it up to enjoy it and that's exactly what they should do when you get behind the wheel.
That looks seriously well Dale,very nice,i kind of like it without skirts :)
Get a tracker on it dude if you havn`t already,i don`t want to hear this one has gone missing.
I think the front's too low to not have skirts. My main gripe is the holes in the rear quarter though I think. Still looking great though mate.
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