Back again

How do lads, good to be back. Got stupidly busy at work a couple of years ago and never even had time to use the forum, so never bothered to renew membership, which I've just done. Anyway, I still have the two red GTi's, one of them SORNed till the other packs up (still going strong though) and loving 'em just as much as ever. (Surely these are now officially 'classics'?)
But have got insurance due next week and could do with a few spares soon, so thought I'd better get re-membered asap and take advantage of any discounts/breakers.

Good to see some of the old names still on here - will try to have a surf through the threads and see what's been going down in the last few years when I get some time... In the meantime, what the hell happened to the hundreds of likes I used to have? Now it looks like everyone hates me :p
Welcome back.

The forum fell over a while ago and lost lots of posts and likes. A lot has been restored but not everything.


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Welcome back, I've re-imported your "likes" so you have some more INTERNET POINTS! :)

Wayhey, thanks James!
Sim, as for recent pics, my inactivity on the forum pretty much coincided with my inactivity on car mods, so very little's changed in all that time. That said, I don't think I ever got round to posting pics after I lowered it a few years ago, so will do that after I give it a good clean this weekend. Hasn't been washed in months...:oops:
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