best coilovers??

looking to buy a set of coilovers but not too sure on what brand would be the best, i won't be racing her and she only an odd spin now and then... so any info on yer passed experience would be great. cheer :)
I honestly doubt could notice differences between BC/Meister, I've had both...

Biggest part I believe would be the spring rate chosen

Some oem spring specs for instance

OEM spring rates of a VZ-R from Nissan, as listed in Nismo catalogue:

VZR standard
Front: FR [0.0mm] K: 1.2~3.05 kgf/mm [N]

Rear: RR [0.0mm] K: 1.72~2.4 kgf/mm [N]

Front: FR [-20mm] K:
4.12~5.2 kgf/mm (GYM-C)

Rear: RR [-18mm] K: 2.24~3.47 kgf/mm (GYM-C)

Rather a big rate increase, so will be very interesting to see how they improve the car.

And from the Nismo parts listing codes I have here, the 'GYM-C' code is used to describe 'Gymkahana Compertition'


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information which as you have been told previously is irrelevant when talking about coilover springs.
Not completely just have to look at the highest value of stock spring to use as a rough guide for how much stiffer the coilover setup could be..

Not a 100% direct comparison cause of progressive/linear differences but anyone with half a brain can understand its still a spring with a compression force associated


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BC and Meister are apparently made in the same factory. There's no significant differences between the 2.
Both are realistically still classed as budget coilovers, compared to the real premium brands that cost thousands.
Id imagine ohlins will probably be the best. A trick inverted setup with remote resovoirs will make it handle superb.
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