Blue N15 S***CBB Cream Leather Kettering

I was behind this motor about 45mins ago, looked pretty cool.

Smooth tailgate, colour coded light surrounds, very low, big black/blue wheels, cream coloured leather.

Plate was CBB or CCB

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Can I churn up my old thread from a year ago ha ha?!

The one I spotted appeared on the eBay thread:

I don't know why everyone dislikes ths car so much. It won a few trophies in it's day and don't forget the styling is from ten years ago.

It was originally built as an Ice car and the real work was on the inside. ;) It was never built to be particularly quick.
Double dated due to the age of the car and when the real effort was put in but still a good effort. Can't be bothered with ICE but this one at least was done well.
Nice to see its still around and in fairly good condition, alot of money went into that. bit of a blast from the past!


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Ignore Dave, he's trying to be funny :D haha

Ah Naylor's old GTi. Would be great if someone bought that and brought the styling out of the 90's / early 2000's. Replace with standard tailgate and lose the front and rear splitter, throw on spats and a VZR/SRi front splitter.


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As far as I know the lad who bought it from me is still the owner. He saw it at japshow finale in 2003 and wanted it and bought it 4 or 5 years later. Cool starry bra.

Styling was done in 2002. If I was to do it again now it wouldn't have the smooth tailgate or carbon bonnet painted lights etc. Its still not bad looking. It could of had a veilside kit lol. Power wise it has the same N/A mods that people still list now, cams mani fold remap headwork etc. Waste of time tuning a nasp sr20 now anyway imo. Most modern diesels would blow the doors off them nevermind hothatches of today.

I still have a 90s toy but since I'm all growd up now most of my time is spent DIY gardening family holidays etc. Strangely I dont miss cars all that much as still can scratch the itch when needs be and have some tinker time.


rev 3 turbo with charge cooler etc. Somewhere around 300bhp which isnt much but with the weight over the back wheels the traction is unreal. Combined with a perfect driving position and the amount of people that don't realise what a tubby can do compared to the 170bhp N/A the uk got. Third one I've had now. Last one was around 400bhp but this is much more streetable and thus more fun.

I had a lot of fun back in the day and met some good mates on here. Never been back on here for a long time. Had I had my time again I dont think I'd of bothered with the GTI at all. It was lacking in too many places hence why it got a bit of everything.
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Its changed hands several times since you sold it now. Pops up on eBay every so often.

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