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it's been so long I thought I'd post in the newbie section! What's happening in the AOC in 2015? Proud to see this place is still thriving! Hope everyone is well and still modding their beauties!
Welcome back.

Not much going on tbh, club's a bit quiet of late but hopefully not for good.

Dont really know why Dan Guider has asked that......Newbies :/ lol
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Same ole Same ole, just working hard like most of us on here. I went to SEMA, Las Vegas with the Fastcar and Superfly Magazine editors lat November and still judge Waxstock annually. Other than that i dont attend many shows these days

I haven't treat myself to any decent big power cars since my RS4 last year. Am currently running around in a bargain Primera GT which will be for sale very soon and still have @BellatheBus our 1967 Splitty Campervan which we use for Weddings etc
Welcome back Andy, I was after your heyday on the AOC but good to see veteran blood popping back in to say hi :)
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