Craigs VZ-R N1

im sorry but that looks absolutely sex! Those saying other wise need a rusty fork to the eyeballs. I actually gasped when I 1st saw it, I wanted to cry out of my willy a little bit.

Love you
I'm guessing he had to use the tyres off the regas


nope, regas still haz the tyres on.

Just prefer 16s on an n15, always have. Plus their fitment being 8inch et20 is perfect, the 15s are either an inch narrower rim or 8 inch et0 which would be silly wide. These fit about spot on.
Looks better with the 16's imo. also means you can look lower without fighting with the S/bumps as often. :)
- Lowered moar
- Calipers painted
- CV joint ends 'customised' to accommodate centre caps.

Took about 50pics to get these few half decent ones, qm1 white is too bright it's a nightmare to take pics of - (if you're a bit of a pleb with a camera and have it on 'auto.') o_O It seems to either meter for the white and then the wheels and everything darker just look dull and messy, or it meters for the darker bits and brings them out, then the white goes horribly bright and in ya face. EdK take some pics of it for me please :p







You're on Craig my sweet. Can do quite a few dates over the next two weeks.

wow cheers boys n bitches

now for the really really gay bit, and this may make some of you laugh given my previous wheel whorey ways, but i may have to put the wheels up for sale asap :( That was kinda the reason for takin and whoring moar pics before i do :(

Nothing to do with being a wheel slut, i love them more than any other wheel, and will 100% be buying another set in 6months or so, but a work opportunity that i've been waiting to do for effing ages has come up sooner than anticipated and i'll need some cash to do it. Also means the car may be sorn'd for a few months soon and tucked up to sleep. It will return though.

If anyone likes the wheels, pm me ;)
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