Debadge badge removal - a guide

Just took the plunge & debadged the N16 P2.
I have removed the rear badges & wing badges - Massive SXE badges just bugged me everyday!

Things you need -
  1. Car
  2. Autoglym Tar & Glue remover
  3. Cloth & kitchen roll or thick workshop paper
  4. Heat - hot water or prolonged sunlight
  5. Wax ( I use MER) & Cutting polishing compound (scratch remover, not too harsh I used good old T-cut)
  • Clean the area thoroughly
  • Check that the badge has no studs into the panel - remove boot lid inner etc - dont want holes to have to fill!
  • Park car with badges facing the sun (or warm with hot air gun / hair dryer / boiling water then DRY)
  • Take out the Tar & Glue (referred to as T&G from now on) soak small area of the cloth / tissue, hold it over the badge & squirt a little more T&G on the badge for a minute of two.
  • Remove cloth & twist badge left to right, it'll start to twist more & more then lift a corner, take care not to let it dig the paint (scratch risk)
  • Pull off badge (repeat for all badges). I actually managed to get my cloth folded several times under the corner to start the lift.
  • HAVE PATIENCE - peal off all remnants of the glue / tape, do so by soaking liberally in T&G & rubbing with your finger, DO NOT USE TOOLS - they scratch!
  • Eventually you will have just a staining around where the badges were.
  • Use the cutting compound T-CUT to GENTLY & in small circles cut out the traces of residue.
  • Observe from all angles & ensure its all gone .
  • Apply quality wax (I use MER) & build up several layers of wax & keep polishing on & off until viewed from any angles its blended in - You may need to build up wax all over body panel if your paint is shit!

    TADAH - Revel in driving around in an obscure UNBADGED car embarrassing GOLF GTI & VAUX SRI owners as they thinks its another old git mobile - bang another car destroyed by the Dci 136!!!!
My method was heat with hairdryer then use dental floss or fishing line to carefully cut the badge off then remove leftover sticky foam stuff by rolling/scrubbing with fingers/kitchen roll and lighter fluid/petrol/sticky-stuff-remover then polish and wax.
Thanx for the comments - I dont like to go in half cocked and end up doing more work to put it right - So I did loads of research on the net & thought I'd share what I now know is simple but a little worrying at first in an AOC post.
I thought as I opened the T&G; fuck that smells just like thinners, but if my car had been subject to a respray in the past & the lacquer was done on the cheap I might be paying to respray the bumper as it ran down the boot & as its silver, the bootlid & rear wings - so fuck putting nail varnish remover or thinners on my car....

Didnt take 'before' pic's but will put some 'after' pics on.

Also have complete set of 2005 boot & wing badges -
following letters;
& wing badges;
S E X S E X (well it was SXE but couldnt resist it)
Boot Lid NISSAN badge.
its great the way they dont have the holes that go into the body. really easy task to do and it gives the car a very clean look!
Park the car somewhere in liverpool the kids will have ur badges off in seconds lol. Well documented guide i guess everyone has there own removal methods. Debadged is bliss when it comes to wash n wax time, but i cant resist the shiny chrome badge on black look. I replaced the almera badge the other day as it was looking a bit pitted, helped by the sun blazing on the car all day they almost fell of then dabbed terps on the sponge/glue, left it for a couple of mins while i had a brew then used the flat side of the old letters to scrape the jelly off that was the sponge/glue, followed by a quick t/cut and then popped the new one on.
Seems very involved for a simple job.
Filler spreader, toffee wheel and degreaser. No paint damage or scratches, job done in 2 minutes and a pleasant smell from the wheel.
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