just like the devil z in wangan midnight, the almera just wants to betray me and kill me! not only did my mate frank unfortunately fudge the thread on one of the KYB's, ive found out that GTi skirts collect water so ive probably got rotten sills, but tonight we found the dreaded 'R' word, in a similar place to pabloGTi's, near the rear seatbelt mounts....

as far as the shock goes, he reckons he might be able to sort it tomorrow, either way, its just a delay in the process, rather than me getting screwed out of cash.... felt a bit gutted for him to be honest becaue hes got one of the shittest mechanic based jobs going as it is.....


rant over. thankyou.
the rust doesnt sound good but nissans seem to love it, aswell as copper grease they didnt want to spend money on rust proofing either so by the time they reach 10 years old its already setting in, plus the odd bit of underseal they do use seems to hold moisture rather than stop rust. any pictures of it? cant even remember exactly where the rear seat belt mounts now, thought it was pretty high up on the chassis though, the lower bits usually go first.
anyway back on track, got some hammerite kurust and im gonna attack it saturday. corbs reckons its a common problem on 3drs. anyone else had it? how did you sort it?
lol where you find all these pics rhyd?! i could use these :D

word of warning, if you read this thread, pull the carpet back in your boot sides and check near where the rear seat belt units bolt to the car.....
heres why if you read this thread you should look behind the carpet in your boot sides, next to the seatbelt mount points...

good side:

bad side:

my new best friend:

just doin a temporary fix as i reckon its an MOT fail, so ill get it welded before next yr...
This is a common problem on most nissans of the period (as i've banged on about before) Sunnys, Almeras, and 100nx's, not sure about the Almera but on Sunnys/Nxs the panels are structural and if it rusts through enough the suspension collapses into it, spent £700 on the nx getting new genuine panels put in and fixed it completely, I think pretty soon people might have to start thinking about doing it on Almeras.

Pic of mine mid-repair:
mines still solid thank god, well theres no carpet on the side of the boot becuase i couldnt be bothered to cut it around the strut brace and i havent noticed any rust so it must be ok.

the plastic cover over the fuel pipe leading to the tank must be around that area, is there alot of mud in there being held against it causing rust? i know primeras can rust there, need to keep behind the plastic clean on them or you get holes which must be in a pretty similar area to that.
it is fibreglass and red oxide. better than throwing water into the boot off the tyres. its a temporary fix until i know whether that area is structural or not. i know for a fact that obviously the strut turret is structural, but on N15s the top hat sits in the floor, basically, so im thinkin that maybes it might not be structural, although if it is, it will get repaired....
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