Engine Bay Thread

Was thinking a lot of other forums have one and I couldn’t find one here. It also save time for member trying to scroll though pages & pages to find pics. I wanna see lovely shots of your engine bays. So post up pics of your engine bay as it’s always helpful and inspirational to see others peoples work.

Im looking for a nice one of mine.



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I`ll start it off then. Although i now have a whiteline strut bar, HKS filter and a shiny Fujitsubo header...........

Rowdys is one of my favs, simple, effective.

Ill be shocked if any nice GA bays go up, ugly engines!!
^ Hey dale's bay is lovely, its not a competition paul. it'll help and give info to all members. i.e. where something should be once removed or seeing how something/colours look before you paint them etc.



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