Engine Bay Thread

I thought it was a eco box? see should have hung on the gti and i'm in same boat as you with a kid in tow.
I still find my mera practical as any other car.:p
I got pissed off bending over and getting in the back, that and she hated it

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They all do unless it's suiting them all the fucking time eh! Thing is my woman will have to drive mine next week as her's is off the road for a few days should have seen her face when i told her.

"Tough shit and get on with it"
Yeah that would work, but we ain't together and said I shouldn't be driving him round in a pos, which is true because it kept breaking down

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I'm in process of cleaning mine as had furry visitors while it was parked up over the winter. Not a good day but needed and will hopefully finish up later or tomorrow.

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What methods are you guys using for bay cleaning?
Degreaser /steam clean ??
Really need to crack into mine
What I do is:

- Warm engine bay.
- Cover up fuse boxes, alternator, electrics etc, remove battery.
- Liberally spray AG Vinyl & Rubber Care and Engine & Machine Cleaner all over.
- Close bonnet and go make some tea (leave for 15 minutes).
- If severe now go over with brush/cloth.
- Pressure wash all over.
- Detail with Vinyl & Rubber Care and GT85 for hard to reach bits.
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