Fixing a gear shift return spring

Hi I can hear something loose below my gear stick when I change gear, the car is running perfectly and changes gear fine. I think it might be the gear shift return spring snapped. Can anyone tell me can I fix the spring from inside the car or do I need to get underneath and fix it from there?
Thanks for any advice given
IIRC you have to pull the exhaust heat shield to get to it. Very common part to fail as these cars get older and after that the gear stick wont return to center properly.
Thanks for the info Nugget. I'm not able to get under the car so will have to get a mechanic to do it for me but thanks for your help.
The problem is the spring costs about £50! From Nissan !! Madness !! I’ve contacted every person breaking Almeras on Ebay nobody can be bothered to remove the spring.
mom getting to the point of getting some custom made as it will be cheaper to buy loads than buying one from Nissan
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